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Important Message: July 6, 2018 our manufacturing plant in Carrolton GA suffered a catastrophic fire. Many of the molds used to manufacture the replacement slides were completely destroyed. At this time, our best estimates to get this plant back online is July 2019. The only good news from this fire is that no one was injured. We are looking for additional slide suppliers and will update this section of the site when available. - Tom

Looking for quality replacement park playground equipment? Replace broken or damaged playground slides with a great selection of commercial slides at Discount Playground Supply. We carry an exceptional selection of commercial replacement playground slides that spiral, turn left and right, and have many bumps and hills; they're sure to be big fun for any child. If your commercial playground needs to replace a broken playground tube slide, we carry standard 24" and 30" diameter tube slides that zig and zag. No matter what replacement slide you choose, kids will have fun sliding down a new playground slide at the speed of laughter.

Commercial playground slides are specifically designed to match the height of the deck on the play structure. With that in mind, we set up our site with sub categories based on deck height. All of our slides are made from heavy duty Roto Molded Plastic and are available in a variety of crazy kid colors.

To find the correct replacement slide for your playground, first measure the height on the play deck, then select the model you want. Mounting hardware is extra and is located at the bottom of the slide page. Many replacement playground slides can be placed into your shopping cart for a quick check out. If you have any questions, please call 888-760-2499


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