Tennis Court Nets, Posts, & Portable Tennis Systems

If you're looking for the perfect addition to any play area, you should definitely consider adding a tennis court net from Discount Playground Supply! Adding a tennis court net gives children and adults the opportunity to move around and fully engage in athletic activities with others. In addition to the wide array of nets we offer, we also sell tennis court parts that include replacement tennis net cables, tennis court posts, and portable tennis systems. Our nets measure 42' x 3 1/4', and they're made of nylon enhanced with UV stabilizers for maximum weather resistance. A 47' x 1/4" vinyl-coated steel cable is contained within the top binding, which makes this net the most logical choice if you're looking for the toughest net on the market today.  

We're always happy to help with any installation questions or problems you might encounter when it comes to our tennis court parts and other products, so never hesitate to reach out. Shop with us today for all your tennis supply needs!