Swing Hardware

Commercial Playground Swing Parts & Hardware

Swing set hardware is extremely important in ensuring children's safety at your site. Regular, scheduled maintenance of parts like swing hangers, swing connectors, swing bolts and swing chains should be a priority for those responsible for the safety of such equipment, with an understanding that these parts only have an expected life expectancy of about five years under the best of circumstances. In areas where the weather can be harsh or there's salt in the air from a nearby body of water, this time frame can drop to as few as two years. At this point, you should change out any commercial playground swing parts in order to maintain the equipment's structural integrity.

Coated swing chains are used for a variety of reasons ranging from color coordination to safety. We carry the different super-high-quality chains you need, all of which are heavily galvanized for rust resistance. Durable Plastisol coatings are also available, which are a big help in protecting the little ones' fingers from potential damage. You'll also find various swing connectors, including specialized tire swing set hardware. If you have any questions about our commercial swing set parts, just call us at 888.760.2499.