Dog Park Fountains

Outdoor Dog Drinking Fountain

After a hard work out with your puppy, it's time to get a refreshing drink so you'll need a fountain that both of you can use. In this collection of dog drinking fountains, you’ll find various outdoor drinking fountains with dog bowls, so you and your furry companion can rehydrate after playtime. Dog park fountains are essential to keeping your pet happy and healthy and allows them to run without fear of passing out from dehydration. Dog drinking fountains from Discount Playground Supply will make an excellent addition to any dog park or outdoor recreation area. Call our team today if you have any questions.

  • Single Fountain w/ Two Pet Bowls Single Fountain w/ Two Pet Bowls

    Pedestal Fountain w/two Pet Bowls

    Pedestal Drinking Fountain with 2 Pet Bowls This drinking fountain is just the ticket for any active dog park because is has one water fountain for the pet owner and two water bowls for thirsty dogs. Made from heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless...

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  • Pet Fountain Slow Draining - SM

    Pet Drinking Fountain   Pets need hydrating too. Especially on those hot days after hard day of playing and this pet drinking fountain is the perfect solution. The slow draining stainless steel bowl is designed to minimize water usage while...

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