Swing Seats

Swing Seats

Periodical playground swing seat inspection is an important function in maintaining safe playgrounds. Swing seats have a limited life expectancies, after which they become safety hazards. Even heavy duty commercial swing seats should be replacement well before 5 years, and sooner in areas where the environment is harsh. The playground swing seats we carry are unsurpassed in quality and longevity. You're offered a variety of choices in styles, construction materials and color that will playgrounds safe and looking like new again.

Styles include commercial swing seats, baby swing seat, toddler swing seat, bucket swing seat, flat bottom swing seat, handicap swing chairs, ADA adaptive swing chairs, trapeze, belt swing seat, and strap swing seat.

We believe the Replacement Swing Seats we offer are made to the highest standards available. Customers can not see many of the extra hidden safety features in many of our swing seats but they are there. We believe safety features incorporated in the construction of these children's swings are more than worth any difference in cost you may find with some of our competitors

  • Kevlar Belt Swing Seat

    Kevlar Belt Swing Seat

    Kevlar Belt Swing SeatThis is a revolutionary new swing seat for parks and playgrounds that have high usage or are located in areas of high vandalism. What sets this children's belt seat apart is the steel core typically used in belt swing or strap swing...

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  • Rubber Strap Swing Seat

    Strap Swing Seat W Insert - Rubber

    Rubber Strap Swing Seat with Insert This is a newly designed Rubber Strap Swing Seat where all the old style grommets have been removed; All hardware is internal. Four stainless steel washers are welded to a 301 full hard stainless steel insert that is...

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  • Cushioned Belt Swing Seat

    Rubber Belt Swing with Cushion

    Child's Belt Swing Seat with Rubber Cushion This Child's Belt Swing Seat has an extra piece of fluted rubber at the front and back of this swing seat that gives it an extra cushion and added safety. Swing seats is 6" wide x 24" long. It is made with...

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  • Rubber Belt Swing Seat Rubber Belt Swing Seat

    Rubber Belt Swing Seat

    Rubber Belt Swing Seat This Child's Rubber Belt Swing Seat made from galvanized welded triangular hardware and cut resistant rubber makes this one if not the sturdiest Belt Swing Seats on the market today. This seat is 6" wide x 24" long. It is made...

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  • Flat Bottom Swing Seat

    Heavy Duty Flat Bottom Swing Seat

    Flat Bottom Swing Seat This Child's Flat Bottom Swing Seat is made from durable rotational molded plastic and has a new improved hanger. It is available in bright colors of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Black that will not fade. These seats are made...

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  • Infant Swing Seat

    Infant Swing Seat

    Infant Swing Seat Smaller Leg Openings Our Infant Swing Seats have a smaller leg opening and measures 39" in diameter x 11" deep with a 3.5" leg opening. This seat complies with the ASTM F 2373 Guidelines for children 6 to 23 months. This seat has leg...

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  • Molded Plastic Toddler Swing Seat

    Molded Plastic Bucket Swing Seat

    Molded Plastic Toddler Swing Seat   This Toddler Swing Seat is for children 2-3 years in age and is made from tough rotational molded, heavy duty plastic. It is available in bright, blue, red, yellow green and black colors that will not fade. The...

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  • Rubber Bucket Swing Seat

    Tot Rubber Bucket Swing Seat

    Toddler Swing Seat - Rubber Children ages 2-3 years old This is a high end, commercial grade, fully enclosed, one piece rubber Toddler's Swing Seat which is designed to help prevent small children from falling out. This seat has a diameter of 39" and...

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  • Toddler Half Bucket Swing Seat

    Tot Half Bucket Rubber Swing Seat

    Half Bucket Toddler Swing Seat - Rubber   This Toddler Half Bucket Swing Seat is an exceptional seat made from one piece 5/16” thick EPDM rubber and has welded galvanized triangular hardware for increased strength. The front of the seat is open...

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