Spring Riders

Playground Spring Rider Toys

Playground spring rider toys can serve as the ultimate source of fun and entertainment for young children in a playground setting. We carry several different playground spring toys in the form of mustangs, zebras, and even frogs. All our retro-looking animal toys contain an aluminum body for support and will always add a classic touch to any playground. These playground spring toys will safely support children ages 12 and under who weigh no more than 125 pounds. If you're looking for another kind of fun coil spring playground toys, we also offer models such as fire trucks and shuttles. These playground rockers are made of tough poly sheet laminate and come with hardware and handy instructions for set-up. Take a look around the site to find the perfect model for your playground! 


Feel free to reach out to us if you do happen to have questions or concerns regarding product installation or anything else. We're always happy to provide the assistance you require. Shop our spring rider playground equipment today!