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Everything you need for the next soccer game can be found right here. At Discount Playground Supply, we have all the supplies necessary for soccer players of all ages and all experience levels. Is there a hole in the net? We have replacement outdoor soccer nets available, whether you need a net for the next practice, recreational game, or competition. For training purposes, why not add some soccer field corner flags or coaching sticks? No matter the soccer game, we want to make sure you are prepared for it. We will provide you with the discount soccer equipment you’ll need to keep your local parks and recreational organizations running smoothly. 


  • Nova Deluxe European Style Soccer Goal Nova Premium Soccer Goal

    Nova Premier Soccer Goal Package

    Nova Premier Soccer Goal Package  2 Goals This European style soccer system is NCAA, FIFA and NFHS Compliant and is a terrific soccer package. This system meets ASTM International Standards and is NCAA, FIFA, and NFHS compliant.  It is...

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  • Soccer Goal Sand Anchor Bags

    Sand Bag Anchor System for Soccer Goals   Each bag can be filled with 50lbs of dry sand and placed on the rear of the frame to help anchor soccer goals keeping them from tipping over. Choose steel handle or save money by purchaseing the nylon...

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  • World Cup Soccer Goal Anchor System

    World Cup Anchor for Soccer Goals   Anchoring your soccr goals is not only smart to keep them from getting damaed, it is also imperitive to do in order to keep players safe from injuries resultin from tipping goals. This tank type soccer goal...

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  • Deluxe Soccer Field Corner Flags Deluxe Soccer Field Corner Flags

    Deluxe Soccer Corner Flags

    Deluxe Soccer Corner FlagsThis set of 4 deluxe soccer field corner flags are official 60" tall with the pole made from 3/4" thick PVC. The heavy duty plunge mount base is perfect for natural field installation and the flag is a standard red/white color...

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  • Deluxe soccer training sticks Deluxe soccer training sticks

    Deluxe Soccer Training Flags

    Deluxe Soccer Training SticksThis set of 4 deluxe soccer training sticks will help improve any players game. Official 5' height, the poles are 3/4" thick PVC and the base is spring loaded fro additional safety during training

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  • Soccer coaching sticks

    Soccer Coaching Sticks

    Soccer Coaching Sticks This set of 6 soccer coaching sticks can be used indoors or outdoors. Official 5' size, the base is made from a heavy duty black non marring rubber and the poles are made from 1" PVC. Each base weighs over 7 lbs and this has a 3...

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  • Soccer Field Corner Flags

    Soccer Corner Flags

    Soccer Corner Flags This set of 4 corner flags can be used indoor or outdoor, on natural or artificial turf or on a gym floor. The base is made from heavy duty non marking black rubber and the flag is an official 5' tall. This item carries a 3 year...

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  • Goal Runner Soccer Training Net Goal Runner Soccer Training Nets on a practice field

    Goal Runner Soccer Training Nets

    Goal Runner Soccer Training Nets Prices range between $130.95 and $238.95   Practice make perfect and the goal runner soccer training nets are the perfect solution for any youth soccer player. The frame is made from steel and folds flat for...

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  • Soccer Pop Up Trainer

    Soccer Pop Up Trainers

    Soccer Pop Up Trainers Ideal for training or 3 on 3 game in backyard play or at a park or beach. This set of durable and lightweight pop up goals are made from a fiberglass frame with steel spring corners and a heavy duty net. The small soccer pop up...

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