Interactive, Inclusive and Soft Play

Soft Play Products

Soft play products and sensory items are more than just fun and games. They are essential tools for children's development that are carefully designed with their needs in mind. With an emphasis on quality and functionality, these sensory items are essential tools for creating an educational and enriching space for children.

The Chair3 molded seat supports proper posture and sensory integration. It provides flexibility with multiple seat heights, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. We also supply the Neptune Table, a children’s activity table. It boasts a double-basin design for sensory play and is an excellent way to help your child develop their cognitive and sensory skills while enjoying hours of fun.

Children need to be in a stimulating environment that fosters growth. Whether it's a cozy seating option or an interactive sensory experience, our soft play products are sure to delight and engage children while supporting their development.