ADA Wheelchair Playground Ramps

ADA Wheelchair Playground Ramps

Discount Playground Supply provides top-quality recycled plastic ADA wheelchair playground ramps to allow every public space to be enjoyable by anyone. Our collection of environmentally friendly commercial handicap ramps for playgrounds brings the joys of parks and playgrounds to those who use wheelchairs or walkers as well as young children who may not be able to step over the playground border. ADA accommodations are essential for any new playground construction and retrofitting existing structures should certainly be a priority as well. The ADA wheelchair playground ramps from Discount Playground Supply are made in the USA and deliver top-quality durability with cost-effective pricing. Call today with any questions—we’d love to help you find the commercial playground ramp you need.

  • Half Wheelchair Ramp for Playgrounds

    ADA Half Wheelchair Ramp for 12" Borders

    Half Wheelchair Border Ramp for Playgrounds We carry half size playground handicap ramps that will assist your playground in becoming compliant with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These universal fit half playground ramps...

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  • plastic full wheelchair ramp for playgrounds

    ADA Full Wheelchair Ramp for 8" - 12" Borders

    Full Size Wheelchair Ramp When you need ADA compliant wheelchair ramps for your playground, we have the perfect solution. Sometimes wood and mulch can make it difficult for children with handicaps to get around, which is why this universal fit ADA...

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  • 28" Timber Spikes

    Border and Timber Spikes

    Border/Timber Spikes Our Playground Border Spikes / Timber Spikes are made from 3/8" galvanized steel and have a button head that eliminates snagging of clothing and provides a professional finish to any project. Sizes are 12", 18.5" and 28.5". 12"...

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