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Portable Gaga Ball Pit Kits for Sale


What is the most popular game for kids today? The gaga ball pit game, that's what! Kids are going gaga over this game (pun intended), and the more players you have the better. Forego the added expense of installing a gaga ball pit by taking advantage of Discount Playground Supply’s portable gaga pits. Discount Playground Supply carries portable gaga ball pit kits for sale in three different sizes. 

Gaga Ball - Players assemble in the plastic gaga ball pit and if the ball touches you below the knee, you're out. Want to make it more exciting? Then throw in an additional ball, and you'll have ball pit games going all day long. Wondering how to play Gaga ball? Here are the official game rules from the Gaga Center:

  • Players start with one hand touching any wall of the pit.
  • The referee tosses a ball into the center of the pit to initiate the game.
  • As soon as the ball enters the pit, the players yell, “GAH!” for the first two bounces of the ball, and then yell “GO!” on the third bounce, after which the ball is in play.
  • Any player can hit the ball with an open or closed hand when the ball is in play.
  • If a ball hits any player below the knee (including players hitting themselves), she or he is out and must leave the pit. If any player is hit above the knees, play continues as normal.
  • If the ball is caught by another player on the fly, the player who struck the ball is out.
  • Players can use the gaga pit walls as an aid for jumping, as long as players don’t sit on the edge of the wall / octagon.
  • Players cannot hold the ball; the ball must be in continual motion throughout the game.
  • If players are skilled and/or the game is going slowly, a second ball can be added to the pit to expedite the challenge. The last player standing is the winner of that round of the game.

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