Safety Surfacing

Playground Safety Surfacing

The most important safety measure playgrounds need, but the vast majority lack, is a shock-absorbing surface under the equipment. No matter how well you may watch over your child and how well the equipment is designed with safety in mind, the occasional fall is inevitable. In fact, of the approximate 200,000 children treated in emergency rooms each year for playground related injuries, about three quarters of them were hurt in falls to the ground or onto other equipment. Falls often result in broken bones. The most serious are those falls that result in head injury.

Playground equipment with asphalt or concrete underneath can result in serious head injuries if a child falls. Grass or dirt, while a little softer, can become hard-packed and dangerous. The safest alternates are Playground Safety Surfacing options. While these surfaces can't totally protect a child from getting hurt, they can greatly reduce the severity of an injury.

Discount Playground Supply carries high-quality playground safety surfaces and playground floor material in the form of poured-in-place surfacing, rubber tiles, and rubber mulch. We also offer surface repair kits for your convenience and surface testing systems to help you evaluate the impact level of the surface you are considering for the play center. Discount Playground Supply is here for all your playground needs. Contact us for help with design or any other questions you have.