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Outdoor Fitness Station

Many people want to work out but lack the necessary funds to afford a gym membership. Provide park visitors with a way to maintain their health-for free. Here at Discount Playground Supply, we offer a variety of outdoor fitness stations that help strengthen muscles and improve physical wellness. Using one's bodyweight, our outdoor exercise equipment is perfect for those seeking to work out in the comfort of their local park. From outdoor elliptical machines to sit-up benches, we have plenty of outdoor exercise equipment to choose from.
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  • Cross Country Ski Fit outdoor fitness equipment

    Cross Country Ski Fit

    Cross Country Ski FitCross Country Skiing is one of the best cardio work outs available, and the Cross Country Ski Fit provides the benefits of Cross Country Skiing without the snow and cold. This outdoor fitness unit focuses on the muscles in the lower...

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  • Elliptical Trainer outdoor fitness equipment

    Elliptical Trainer

    Elliptical TrainerElliptical Trainer simulates stair climbing, or running without the severe impact to the joints of the body. It is a great exercise for the cardiovascular system with the exerciser tailoring their workout from light to intense based on...

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  • air walker outdoor fitness equipment

    Outdoor Air Walker

    Outdoor Air WalkerOutdoor air walkers are perfect for those who need a low impact cardio work out to keep fit. This unit targets flexibility of hip muscles and hamstrings. This outdoor outdoor air walker has tabs welded to the feet so it can be easily...

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  • Chest Press / Lat Pull Down Outdoor Exercise Equipment

    Chest Press / Lat Pull Down Combo

    Chest Press / Lat Pull Down ComboThe outdoor Chest Press / Lat Pull Down Combo focuses on muscles in the chest, shoulders, triceps, core upper back and biceps. The chest press exercised provides an optimum range of motion while you press out and lift...

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  • Leg Press outdoor fitness equipment

    Outdoor Leg Press

    Outdoor Leg PressThe outdoor leg press focuses on developing the lover body including thighs, calves and hamstrings.Because it is a two person capacity gives the users the ability to work out or individually using you body weight as resistance. The...

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  • Pull-up and Dip Station Outdoor Exercise Equipment

    Pull-up and Dip Station

    Pull up and Dip StationWhile a simple piece of outdoor exercise equipment, the Pull up and Dip Station will challenge ever the fittest person with a grueling work out. This outdoor pull-up and dip station is multi purpose product which focuses on the...

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  • Rowing Machine outdoor fitness equipment

    Rowing Machine

    Outdoor Rowing MachineBefore all the high tech exercise equipment, there was the Rowing Machine. This Outdoor Rowing Machines is designed to use your body weight as resistance to develop strength in your back, shoulders and biceps. Mounting tabs are...

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  • sit up bench outdoor fitness equipment

    Outdoor Sit Up Bench

    Outdoor Sit up BenchOutdoor sit up benches are a great way to flabby abs into 6 pack abs. Duel leg holders allow for the user to do sit-ups, knee-ups and back stretches targeting the abdominal muscles, as well as the flexor group of muscle of hip and...

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  • multi level chin up bars outdoor fitness equipment

    Multi-Level Pull-up Bars

    Multi Level Pull-Up BarsPull up or chin up bars are perfect for developing shoulders, biceps, back and chest mussel, they are also excellent for stretching by hanging in place. Available in Green/Beige only and is intended for use by ages 13 and up...

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  • Step up / Hip Flexor outdoor fitness equipment

    Outdoor Step / Hip Flexor Combo

    Step - up / Hip Flexor ComboNeed to strengthen your legs, while improving cardiovascular fitness and coordination? Then jump this Step-up / Hip Flexor Combo outdoor fitness station. This unit focuses on development the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. ...

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  • jump beam outdoor fitness equipment

    Jump Beam

    Jump BeamBy jumping back and forth over the Jump Beam, you are focusing on your lower body as you work on agility and balance. By walking on the Jump Beam, you can improve balance and coordination. The Jump Beam mounts in ground and is available in green...

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  • Dip station outdoor fitness equipment

    Outdoor Dip Station

    Outdoor Dip StationOutdoor Dip Station is simple to use, but has exceptional results. This Dip Station focuses on chest, shoulders , upper and mid abdominal, fore arm and triceps. Hold the cross bar tight with your hands and lift yourself up using the...

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