Outdoor Aluminum Bleachers

Portable Aluminum bleachers are perfect for any type of outdoor event from spectator sports to seasonal festive activities


Field bleachers are an important component of just about any type of outdoor spectator sport, and our outdoor aluminum bleacher selection includes options for more than a dozen configurations. These metal bleachers are strong yet lightweight, making them easier to handle than the heavy wooden kind, plus these portable aluminum bleachers are nearly maintenance-free, making them easy to deal with all the way around. They're ideal school bleachers, especially at schools where there are lots of different sporting events regularly taking place.

Our outdoor aluminum bleachers are lightweight yet strong, making them more durable than traditional wooden bleachers.

We offer standard outdoor aluminum bleachers available in options of 3, 4, and 5 row, including low rise and Tip N Roll Bleachers. Tip N Roll Bleachers offer easy, portable capabilities when you need more seating from one location to another.