Musical Play

Musical Instruments and Drums

It is almost impossible to count all the benefits of building a kids’ music playground for your school or community. Music has been shown to enhance teamwork, stimulate creativity, and develop the areas of the brain related to reasoning and language. Music also provides children with a way to express themselves, helping to build confidence. Many kids who play instruments have been shown to be more intellicutually developed than their non-musical peers due to the fact that around 80-90% of motor skills in the brain are linked to the throat, hands, and mouth. This means that musical children stimulate almost the whole brain! By building a playground full of musical play equipment with us, you are encouraging children to reach their full potential!

We offer a variety of instruments and drums (both freestanding and panels).  Be sure to check out the rest of our shop to find the perfect one for your playground. Shop with Discount Playground Supply anytime you're looking for amazing materials at reasonable prices!