Portable Fencing

Crowd Control Fencing

Every event, from baseball games to track meets to concerts, needs a proper fence to handle crowds. Managing traffic and controlling crowds is essential to maintaining order and safety for everyone. Here at Discount Playground Supply we offer several different types of crowd control fencing and crowd control gates, from Portable Interlocking Crowd Control Barricades and Bollards to Decorative Planters..

Interlocking Crowd Control Barricade were patented in France in 1951 and are widely used today as event barricades indoors and outdoors. These barricades are typically made from steel, but some interlocking crowd control barricades are made from plastic. In addition to steel barricades, portable crowd control barriers easily create a clearly marked "No Access" line for security personal and event planners. In more serious applications, these interlocking barricades are used in riot situations where the frame interlocking mechanism and footing make them extremely difficult to tip over, making them an almost impenetrable defense line.

Crowd control fencing is incredibly functional and convenient in so many situations, whether used as temporary fence panels to back up the baseball catcher in the practice area or as a complete outfield fence to enclosure large areas. Sports panel units are 10.5' wide. They can be attached with the included foam connectors, one to another, to create the precise length of fence required for each specific situation. Each panel only weighs 22 lbs, and the entire system can be set up quickly without the use of tools. The panels are staked into the ground with strong metal wickets. Another perk is that the feet are configurable to allow for a variety of terrain changes and flatten for ease of transport. Alternatives to using portable baseball fence panels to create lines of play on sports fields include installing our unique Roll A Fence product. These 150' rolls of tough, knitted polyethylene mesh fencing are fastened to the ground using SurePost plastic stakes, sold separately.

Discount Playground Supply wants to make sure everyone is protected at all times, no matter the event. By implementing crowd control fencing, you’ll get to enjoy a safe and fun environment for a variety of activities. You can also check out our Fence Toppers to serve as an additional safety device for chain link fences.