ADA Products

Handicap-Accessible Playground Equipment

ADA compliant playgrounds let everyone play. Handicap-accessible playground equipment should include swings for disabled children or platform swings for zed wheelchairs along with wheelchair ramps and surfacing.

Our wheelchair, handicap swings, and handicap-accessible playground equipment can easily retrofit older playgrounds so children with disabilities can play, resulting in fun for everyone. You'll also find a great selection of ADA compliant picnic tables, ADA compliant park grills and ADA compliant swing sets to complete your special needs play playground. In addition, we carry plastic handicap swing chairs that allow small children to be comfortably strapped in for a fun time while also meeting the American Disabilities Act guidelines. If you want to equip your playground with ADA swing platforms for wheelchairs, we have all the materials and supplies you need. As we say, “When a playground is inclusive, everyone plays.”