Playground Swing Sets

Metal Commercial-Grade Swing Sets

Kids love to swing, it makes them feel as if they're soaring high above the world. There are many styles of children's swing sets: Standard "A" Frame Swing Set, Arch Frame Swing Set, and Straight Frame Swing Set. They either come in a single or double bay configuration (one or two swings per bay maximum). Because children may deliberately jump from a moving swing, a use zone in front of and behind the swing must be established. It is recommended that the use zone extend to the front and rear of a standard swing a minimum distance of twice the height of the pivot point above the ground. The use zone to the sides swing should be a minimum of 6 feet from the perimeter of the swing structure. Safety surfacing such as certified wood playground mulch is a must to reduce injury from accidental falls. Swings are fun, but they must be installed per the manufacturer's instructions.

Discount Playground Supply has a discount swing set that is right for every child. We mostly carry a two-person swing model, but we do have metal commercial swing sets that can seat four to six people. Check out our metal commercial-grade swing set supply and experience long-lasting and durable play equipment.