Playground Swing Sets

Commercial-Grade Swing Sets 

A swing set is a playground staple! It makes kids feel like they’re soaring through the sky. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to a public park or your home’s backyard, you’ll want a commercial-grade swing set installed. 

Discount Playground Supply offers the best commercial metal swing sets to ensure your kids have fun while staying safe. We have an Arch Frame design, a Straight Frame Swing Set, or Standard “A” Frame Swing Set for the ultimate level of entertainment. They either come in a single or double-bay configuration.  

Don’t forget that a playground isn’t complete without the proper installation techniques. Keep in mind that it’s recommended that the use zone extends to the front and rear of a standard swing a minimum distance of twice the height of the pivot point. The use zone to the sides swing should be at least 6 feet from the structure’s perimeter. With the right foundation and commercial-grade swing set, kids will be ready to have the time of their lives swinging in the breeze.