Equipment You Need for Your School’s Outdoor Fitness Program

Equipment You Need for Your School’s Outdoor Fitness Program

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Nov 8th 2022

Equipment You Need for Your School’s Outdoor Fitness Program

Building an outdoor gym is one of the best things schools can do for their students. By making fitness accessible to students, they encourage an active lifestyle and healthier ways to release their energy after being cooped up in a classroom all day. For your school's future outdoor gym, here's the equipment you need for your outdoor fitness program.

Sit-Up Bench

Sit-ups are one of the best exercises for kids. Doing them on the gym's cold, hard floors isn't ideal and causes additional pressure to the spine, potentially harming the posture. Make sit-ups more fun and safer for kids by providing them a seat. What do we mean? A sit-up bench, of course, is what we mean.

Sit-ups are a great abdominal workout. Sit-up benches make them more fun. The bench consists of a flat platform to lay on and a bar to help hold a kid's feet in place as they ascend and descend back down through each sit-up.

Balance Beams

Instead of using wooden planks, try out metal balance beams instead. These metal beams are versatile and create new challenges for everyone wanting to learn how to maintain their balance. Kids of all ages can learn better hand-eye coordination skills while balancing.

This exercise is ideal for cardio workouts. Using balance beams, kids build better strength in their legs and learn how to balance their weight. This activity is excellent for individuals or group workouts. For grade-school students, try making a game using the beams, like jumping or dancing.

Arm and Pedal Bike

You can find pedal bikes in many parks. They can add more value to your outdoor gym. The arm and pedal bike are reminiscent of a cycling bike you'd find in a regular indoor gym. This workout gear combines cycling and upper-arm workouts.

The bike also helps students learn hand-eye coordination by judging which way their hands and feet need to go to get the full workout effect. The arm and pedal bike is perfect for upper-grade to high school students.

Double Cross-Country Skier

The double cross-country skier works with two people—you could try with one person, but it may be difficult to pull off. Make sure students are in pairs before using this equipment. The double-cross skier doesn't go fast. It's completely manual and goes at the students’ pace.

This helps build teamwork and encourages students to communicate where and how to move their arms and legs in motion. People can have lots of fun on this piece of equipment. You should strongly consider getting one for your outdoor fitness program.

As you put in different equipment for the school’s outdoor fitness program, ensure you have playground barriers that divide each station to give more room to students exercising.

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