Reasons Why Commercial Playgrounds Need Playground Borders

Reasons Why Commercial Playgrounds Need Playground Borders

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Nov 8th 2021

When a child steps onto a playground, it becomes this magical place full of wonder, creativity, fun, and most importantly, an opportunity to teach and learn inclusiveness. While at the park, children learn many things, especially lessons in life and social skills. The playground is a fantastic opportunity to get children and families together from every corner of the community and surrounding areas, so why not improve it more by adding on playground borders? Here's a guide on the reasons why commercial playgrounds need playground borders.

Keeps Surface Material Inside

Every type of surface material tends to scatter about and litter the surrounding walkways. Having a playground border can instantly improve messes from playground surfacing. Instead of worrying about wood or plastic chips from getting onto sidewalks, a playground border can help contain the material and keep it all inside.

Additionally, having a playground barrier can teach children boundaries. Kids learn what's ok to take out of the border and what to leave inside. They develop these skills along with learning how to go in and out of the playground safely.

Easy-To-Follow Guidelines

When designing your playground's perimeter, it's important to record certain boundary lines to help keep all surfacing inside and keep children safe. The guidelines for what can go into a playground edge are simple, as you won't be misled or perplexed about your community playground border's setup.

  • Park administrators and planners must have accessibility added to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. With improved accessibility in the park, children of all abilities have an opportunity to interact with one another and build strong bonds.
  • Ensure all planning is carefully considered, and that you don't miss any points to create better divides for walkways and play areas.
  • When designing the park's layout, workers must use borders made from one of these three available materials to have a functioning park: rubber, plastic, or wood.

A Safer Play Area for Kids

As children play in the park, families' most significant benefit is a playground border providing a safer play area for kids. In addition, playground borders can help children learn about boundaries and even keep their toys and playthings inside one place. The reasons why commercial playgrounds need playground borders are also perfect for finding the suitable material to use, which you can find more information about below. Even with safety being a priority, we need to ensure you pick the suitable material to build your playground barrier with.

Comes in Different Material

Playground barriers are a perfect option when planning the layout of a commercial playground. For instance, the choice in the material used is limited, but they're all versatile. Picking the right type takes time, so here's a little more on the three materials to use for your playground border.


Rubber's a material that's eco-friendly and doesn't need a ton of maintenance. So, for an organic and easy-flowing layout, a rubber playground barrier is the right choice. In addition, the material is bendable, so you can get creative with the layout design that you can't achieve with plastic or wood.


A plastic playground border is another type that's not difficult to maintain but isn't flexible like a rubber playground border. However, if you have a geometrically-shaped park, the plastic barriers can help with outlining the designated play areas.


Wood is an excellent material, but over time, it can decay and require extensive maintenance. However, if you have a nature-themed playground, then wood is the right choice to use as a divider for a play area. Also, wood borders work well with other design methods.

Other Options for Playground Borders

Consider other alternatives if you aren't sure about using the other listed materials for your playground border. The options listed below carry the same benefits as the commonly used materials we've listed above.

Old Tire Strips

A more accessible alternative if you're looking for a way to reuse specific materials, such as old tires. Old tires were once cut into strips and used as borders for playsets and still are an excellent alternative to rubber borders. In addition, using old tires is environmentally friendly and can help keep mulch from scattering out of the play area.

Timber Fences

Another recyclable material that's easy to repurpose is timber. Timber is leftover wood from crates or recycled logs from fallen trees. When you see the log in half circles, they can lie down flat to help create a better blocking mechanism. In case you don't use wood for nature or rustic-themed parks, timber is an excellent alternative.

Rock Curbs

If tall buildings surround your community playground, but you're aiming for a more interactive, natural-looking border to place around a playset, rocks are the best choice. Boulders, lava rocks, and river stones are fantastic options when considering what to place for the playground's edging. They're also perfect to stage around perennials.

Simple To Assemble

Assembling your playground border won't take long. Putting together a playground border together is the most straightforward task for any park layout. Simply put, all you have to do is gather the materials, have a design in mind, divide each area into squares, and start building. The assembly only takes a few days.

Many Benefits for Commercial Use

Using a playground barrier in a commercial playground has plenty of benefits. Using playground borders is beneficial because they enhance the park’s best features. They also make maintaining a park easy on cleaning crews, as well as help create a visual for parents to see what areas are suitable for play.

Discount Playground Supply pays to help keep children safe, while also learning and having fun. For the best ways to make your commercial playground design plan stand out even more, explore our selection at Discount Playground Supply for the most playground border kits.

As we conclude on the reasons why commercial playgrounds need playground borders, it’s important to remember to utilize all resources available to you when building your playground border.

By providing park administrators with assembly playground kits, our mission is to prioritize a safe play environment, as well as a place to foster learning and growth. Playground borders are a must to help encourage families to come out and enjoy time at the park with their children. Additionally, with playground borders, you can make those three principles come to life for your community.

Reasons Why Commercial Playgrounds Need Playground Borders