The Advantages of Scheduled Swing Set Maintenance

The Advantages of Scheduled Swing Set Maintenance

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Jan 26th 2023

The Advantages of Scheduled Swing Set Maintenance

One thing to do to ensure your swing set is in the best condition is to schedule maintenance checks. If you’re unsure of how to get started or if it’s worth it—it is—you need to hear about the advantages of scheduled swing set maintenance for your playground.

It’s Easy To Check for Broken Parts

One of the most overlooked components of swing set maintenance is checking for broken parts. Not checking for damaged sections could create an unsafe environment for families, so make sure that when you are performing and scheduling inspections, you do a thorough job on the swings.

The areas to be most mindful of include the chains. Look at the “S” hooks and see how much wear they have. If there isn’t a speck of rust dotting the surface, they are in good shape. But make sure to do this often, as this part keeps the swing from coming off the hinges and sending kids flying.

Don’t forget to check these parts:

  • Check the rubber seat; if it is falling off, ripped, or not supporting weight correctly, change it out for something new.
  • Inspect the chains; if they are twisted, smell metallic, or there’s a squeaky sound, then it’s time to change them.
  • Check the main frame; the frame is what you need in order to operate the swings. If you have a wooden frame, check each side for warping or splitting wood. If you have metal frames, check that the metal has a coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

You Can Tell When Something Needs To Be Repaired

It’s essential to schedule maintenance for a swing set so you know how to look for broken-down areas in the future. Without scheduling maintenance, you run the risk of unpredictable repairs that could leave your park without an essential part of the play area for a while.

Avoid increasing downtime by paying close attention to how often the swing set breaks down. If you notice breakdowns happen more in the summer, you need to do more work during that time. Schedule inspections often and make them routine so you know when something needs to be repaired before it worsens.

There’s Less Chance a Child Gets Hurt

The worst thing that could happen on the playground is a child hurting themselves on neglected playground equipment. When an injury happens due to negligence, lawsuits begin pouring in. If you want to avoid making an appearance on the news and having to face claims, start repairing the park.

Kids all around the community love the park, especially the swings. One of the key benefits of performing scheduled swing set maintenance is ensuring it’s safe for every child, so make sure to buy playground swing set hardware.

You can do your part better by working with Discount Playground supply, a leader in playground safety. We’re here and prepared to assist in creating a safer park for everyone. Contact us today for more ways to improve your playground equipment.