Ways to Keep Children Safe on Playgrounds During the Winter

Ways to Keep Children Safe on Playgrounds During the Winter

Jan 2nd 2020

Ways to Keep Children Safe on Playgrounds During the Winter

Though a lot of us want to stay inside when the weather gets chilly and the snow falls, that may not be the best bet for our health. Winter hibernation isn’t good for you, and it isn’t good for your kids. Getting outside in the cold gives children that much-needed breath of fresh air and provides them the chance for energy release. If you decide the park is the place to get that fresh air, either as parents or teachers, then there are a few important safety tips to follow. Look at these crucial ways to keep children safe on playgrounds during the winter—make sure to follow these so that everyone reaps the reward of winter air and playground benefits!

Check the Weather

Before you head outside, make sure to check the weather. Sure, we want our children to get fresh air, but when that air temperature is below freezing, or close to it, it’s safer to stay indoors. Children are more susceptible to frostbite, so you’re going to have to stay quite aware of when the cold is getting too much for the children. Watch for constant shivering, fast breathing, dizziness, and confusion.

Inspect Before Playing

Once you decide the weather is good for play, make sure to inspect the playground. This includes everything from removing ice from slides and handlebars to checking the playground surface to make sure it’s not iced over or too hard for safe play. A playground’s pliant ground surfacing may become quite hard during the winter, so if the ground is unyielding, then it’s not the day for free play outdoors.

Choose the Right Clothing

Now, once you’ve checked over the weather and the playground’s general safety, your next step is ensuring that the children’s clothing is safe. Most importantly, when it comes to winter playground safety, you’ll need to avoid all loose articles of clothing. Scarves, drawstrings, belts, and the like are strangulation hazards.

Skip the Slide

Similar to the above tip, a particular set of clothing means kids should skip the slide. A lot of children will choose to wear snow pants, and though this is a great choice for keeping children warm, it’s not so great for slide safety. The nylon found in snow and ski pants reduces resistance to slippery surfaces, so speeding down the slide becomes quite dangerous. Make it a rule that if snow pants are worn, then slides are not to be used.

Schedule Extra Supervision

This tip is catered a bit more toward school recess, but it’s important for recreational purposes as well. When children are playing out in the snow and on the playground, you need to ensure that there is enough supervision, and it may even be better to have extra. Ice builds up quickly and accidents happen in the blink of an eye—make sure that you always have eyes on them.

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