Dog Park Activity Equipment

Dog Park Activity Equipment

Dogs need exercise outside just like we do, and many park-goers bring their four legged friends along with them. That's why at Discount Playground Supply, we carry dog equipment specifically for parks and recreation areas. Dogs will be able to explore freely at dog parks with equipment like hoop jumps or a dog agility ramp. Not to mention we carry the classic dog park fire hydrant-we even have one that cools your pooch off with bursts of water! Have questions about our dog equipment? We would be happy to help!

  • A Frame

    A Frame Dog Walk The A-Frame is one of the most popular pieces of dog park equipment; it requires your dog to walk up the incline and down the other side. Only three feet high at the peak and extra wide 38” planks make this...

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  • Dog Park Step Up Table

    Step Up Table

    Step Up Table   Our Step Up Table features two 8" high platforms and a center 16" platform with an attractive bone and paw detailed arch. The two alternating heights makes this an ideal component for dogs of all sizes, and a great...

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  • Wait Table

    Dog Wait Table The Wait Table is a great place for dog to take a break from playing to practicing sit and stay commands, is avilable in an 8' or 16" height and is perfect place to brush and groom your dog. Theses grooming tables are made from solid...

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  • Tri Level Jump

    Tri Level Jump

    Tri Level Dog Jump Bar With three jumps in one component, the Tri-Level Jump is a space saving play feature suitable for any dog park. With three different heights to help dogs of various sizes and ability levels develop jumping skills,...

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  • King of the Hill Dog Ramp King of the Hill Dog Ramp

    Dog Walk Ramp

    Dog Walk Ramp The Dog Walk Ramp requires your dog to walk up an elevated ramp, across the platform and down the other side. The ramp has a highly textured, entirely flat walking surface, is free of unnecessary step strips and is ideal for dogs of all...

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  • Dog Park Fire Hydrant

    Dog Fire Hydrant

    Dog Park Fire Hydrant What's dog park without a fire hydrant? This non-functional, dog park fire hydrant is made to scale and is manufactured from cast glass-fiber reinforced resin, with an extremely durable acrylic color coat and hand painted accents...

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  • Spray Hydrant

    Dog Park Spray Hydrant    Cool your puppy on a hot day with the Dog Park Spray Hydrant. This faux fire hydrnt emmits a fine mist to cool, not soak your pooch after a satisfying work out. Just push the button on the top of the hydrant and...

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  • Top Spray Hydrant

    Dog Park Top Spray Hydrant    No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a dog park splash pad when there there is an easier way to cool, not soak your pooch on a hot summper day with our Dog Park Top Spray Hydrant. Just push the...

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  • 6' Basic Dog Paw Bench

    6' Basic Dog Paw Bench

    Dog Paw Park Bench   Our most popular bench! With laser cut paw details on the back rest and a durable textured polyethylene coating to help protect against rust and corrosion, the 6’ Basic Dog Paw Bench also...

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  • Delux Dog Paws Bench

    Deluxe Dog Paw Park Bench   Our Deluxe Dog Paw Bench offers comfortable and durable seating for any dog park. Featuring solid cast aluminum legs and a galvanized steel contoured bench, it’s finished with a...

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  • brown lab sitting in a bow wow barrel
Bow Wow Dog Barrel

    Bow Wow Barrel

    Bow Wow Dog Barrel The Bow Wow Barrel dog agility tunnel is one of the easiest dog agility components for dogs to learn. Measuring 32" in length this barrel is 27" in diameter, and has a highly textured interior surface to provide slip resistance and is...

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  • Adjustable Dog Park Jump Bar

    Adjustable Jump Bar

    Adjustable Dog Park Jump Bar This dog park jump bar is adjustable to seven positions which allows pet owners to start their dog jumping over the bar then raising it as the confidence grows. If bumped, the bar will safely fall from its original position...

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  • Adjustable Dog Tire Jump Adjustable Dog Tire Jump

    Adjustable Tire Jump

    Adjustable Dog Tire Jump No park is complete unless it has a Tire Jump for dogs, and this dog tire jump is adjustable to accommodate dogs of all sizes. The frame is arched and is made from powder coated aluminum which will not rust and the hoop is made...

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  • Dog Park Double Hoop Jump

    Double Hoop Jump

    Dog Park Double Hoop Jump The double dog hoop jump offers multiple play opportunities for dogs of all sizes. The smaller hoop is perfect for small dogs to master their jumping skills while larger dogs can use the larger hoop to hone theirs. For...

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  • Dog Balance Pods

    Dog Agility Walk

    Agility Walk for Dog Parks A set of 5 Agility Walk - Dog Balance Pods will have your best friend in top shape jumping from pod to pod. The Agility Walk Dog Pods helps to improve balance and builds confidence. Each pod is a different height and is made...

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  • Hound Hoops

    Hound Hoops

    Hound Hoops The Hound Hoops is a set of five, heavy wall, agility arches that will give any dog a challenge. These dog hoops are similar to the dog tunnel but can be arranged is a serpentine configuration that will allow your dog to weave in and out and...

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  • Bi-Level Water Fountain Bi-Level Water Fountain

    Bi-Level Water Fountain

    Bi Level Water Fountain with Pet Bowl This BI Level Water Fountain has two bowls; one for the pet owner and one for the pet. Manufactured with an 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel bowl mounted into a welded 12 gauge stainless steel pedestal and is available...

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  • ADA Accessible Fountain with Pet Bowl

    ADA Accessible Fountain with Pet Bowl    This pedestal style fountain offers ADA compliance (when installed properly) with a barrier free arm and a pet bowl. The unit features 12 gauge heavy duty stainless steel construction, an 18 gauge 304...

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  • Dog Watering Station Dog Watering Station

    Dog Watering Station

    Dog Watering Station This Dog Watering Station features all stainless steel construction with an ADA compliant push button operation that required less than five lbs of force to operate. The dog bowl has a slow drain of 30-60 seconds allowing the dog to...

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  • Single Fountain w/ Two Pet Bowls Single Fountain w/ Two Pet Bowls

    Pedestal Fountain w/two Pet Bowls

    Pedestal Drinking Fountain with 2 Pet Bowls This drinking fountain is just the ticket for any active dog park because is has one water fountain for the pet owner and two water bowls for thirsty dogs. Made from heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless...

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