Fast Patch & Maxx Clear

Rubber Playground Surface Repair Kits

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Fast Patch Rubber Playground Repair Kits are designed so anybody with a limited knowledge of tools can easily repair cracks, splits and holes in poured-in-place playground surfacing or running tracks surfaces. Each poured in place rubber DIY kit contains pre-measured amounts of binder (glue) and rubber and makes repairing these rubber surfaces simple and easy. Plenty of colors available too.

For areas in and around the impact zone of a playground, the rubber safety surface is comprised of a base layer / impact layer which acts like a shock absorber on a car, and a wear layer which takes the punishment of the day to day surface traffic. The cut away image shows the base layer in black and the wear layer in blue. As a note, the higher the fall zone, the thicker the base layer needs to be. The wear layer is typically 1/2" to 5/8" thick, no matter the thickness of the base layer

The base layer is always black and is a different type and grind of rubber than the colorful wear layer. The base layer, and the wear layer uses different mix ratios of binder (glue) to rubber and maintaining those ratios are critical to the safety "system" working properly. Our customers love Fast Patch products because each kit has the exact blend of rubber and binder already measured out; just mix and trowel it in the hole.

The wear layer rubber is available in many colors and mixes of colors which gives each surface its distinctive look. Both base layer and wear layer Fast Patch kits are crazy simple to use, with professional results. You can find a "how to" video on each Fast Patch page below.

We strongly recommend coating the entire playground with MaxxClear or MaxxClear H2O surface conditioner soon after the repair are completed and dried. Maxx Clear restores, preserves, and extends the surface life of poured-in-place rubber surfacing, splash pads, and running track surfaces; it makes colors POP again. Maxx Clear ...affordable playground maintenance in a pail.

Don't see your color? Call us, 888-760-2499 we custom blend at no extra cost

Fast Patch covers 6 sq feet at 1/2"
Fast Patch XL covers 12 sq ft at 1/2"

All Repair Kits Ship Free