Handicap Swing Seats

Handicap Swings For Playgrounds

Handicap accessible playgrounds let everyone play. Adaptive playground equipment should include a swing for a disabled child or platform swings for motorized or non-motorized wheelchairs along with wheelchair ramps and surfacing.

Our wheelchair & handicap swings for playgrounds can easily retrofit older playgrounds so children with disabilities can play resulting in fun for everyone. We carry plastic handicap swing chairs that allow small children to be comfortably strapped in for a fun time while also meeting the American Disabilities Act guidelines. If you want to equip your playground with ADA swing platforms, we also offer models that accommodate motorized wheelchairs and non-motorized wheelchairs. These swing platforms are fabricated from 12-gauge sheet steel that is flattened and plastisol coated for extra longevity. Take a look at our selection of wheelchair swings online when you want to make your playground more friendly and accessible.


  • Rotomolded ADA Swing Seat Rotomolded ADA Swing Seat

    ADA Handicap Child Swing Seat

    ADA Rotomolded Swing Seat This ADA Handicap Child's Swing seat features a molded yoke restraint system rather than straps in securing the child to the swing. The yoke design is used on many commercial amusement park rides and is superior to straps. This...

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  • Jennswing Cubby Swing Seat Jennswing Cubby Swing Seat

    Cubby ADA Swing Seat

    Cubby ADA Swing SeatThis Handicap Swing Chair was designed to address for children ages 6-24 months. It is smaller than the JennSwing and is made from durable roto molded plastic. This ADA swing seat is Semi reclining which offers better upper and...

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  • Jennswing  Handicap Swing Chair Jennswing  Handicap Swing Chair

    Jennswing ADA Swing Chair

    ADA Swing Chair | Jennswing This Handicap Swing Chair was designed to address the Americans Disability Act Requirements for accessibility and safety. Made from durable roto molded plastic this seat is a semi reclining which offers better upper and lower...

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  • ADA Platform Wheelchair Swing - Adult ADA Platform Wheelchair Swing - Adult

    ADA Wheelchair Platform Swing

    ADA Swing Platform Attach to most standard swing set frames, these swing platforms are designed to accommodate both child and adult wheelchairs. Platform features front and read drop down ramp for easy entering and exiting. 32" Wide x 38" long...

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  • ADA Adult Wheelchair Platform Swing and Frame

    ADA Platform Swing & Frame

    ADA Platform Swing & Frame Complete system consisting of 12 ga punched steel 32" x 38" wheelchair platform and heavy duty 13 gauge 2 3/8" OD top rail with 11 gauge 1 7/8" OD legs swing frame. All steel is FloCoat Galvanized, triple coat corrosion...

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  • Wheelchair Platform Swing Set

    2 Platform ADA Swing Set

    2 Bay ADA Platform Swing | 2 Platforms This Wheelchair Swing Platform is designed for a wheelchair and occupant with a total weight capacity of 700 lbs or less. This 2 swing (bay) system comes complete with frame, platforms, swing chains and swing...

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  • 2-Bay-Handicap-Swingset 2-Bay-Handicap-Swingset

    ADA Swing Set 1 Platform & 1 Seat

    ADA Handicap Swing Set This is a complete 2 Bay Swing Set specifically designed for special needs / handicap children. One side features a platform swing in which a non motorized wheel chair can be driven onto then secured and the other is the very...

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