2-5 Years of Age

Outdoor Playsets for Preschoolers Aged 2-5

Children in preschool, ages 2-5 years old, are just beginning to have more control over themselves, and our preschool playsets can provide an excellent space for them to exercise their growing abilities. Early childhood play equipment can further develop muscle control and gross motor skills so that kids are better prepared for kindergarten. All the preschool playground equipment for sale at Discount Playground Supply are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and offer a completely safe and exciting area for children to play. Make your play area the most unique one in town—browse outdoor playsets for Preschoolers at Discount Playground Supply.

  • discovery center one children's outdoor playset without roof

    Discovery Hilltop No Roof - 8" Ground Spike

    Discovery Center 1  Children Ages 2-5 Years Old The Discovery Center 1 is a single deck design that is ideal for home early childhood centers, as it can be used indoor or outside. Children will develop object recognition as they discover lady...

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  • discovery center five children's outdoor playset

    Discovery Range

    Discovery Center 5 Children's Playset  Children Ages 2-5 Years Old Children will love playing with their friends on one of our largest play structures, which can accommodate up to 25 children! This five-deck structure offers a variety of play...

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  • discovery center two children's outdoor playset with roof

    Discovery Ridge - 8" Ground Spike

    Discovery Center 2 Children's Playset Children 2-5 Years of Age The Discovery Center 2 offers maximum play value packed into a compact design that can easily fit into your play space. The two-deck structure is designed with a variety of developmental...

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