6-24 Months

Small Playsets for Toddlers

These toddler playsets are specifically designed for children ages 6 months to 24 months to help develop core skills such as crawling, walking, crawling, and touch. Having an outdoor playset for your little ones is a great way to provide them with adventurous fun. The small playsets for toddlers in this collection are great in both outdoor environments as well as indoor playrooms. Discount Playground Supply carries the best indoor playsets for toddlers that capture the imagination while providing endless fun and excitement. Our toddler playsets are easy to assemble and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and themes. Shop at Discount Playground Supply today! 

  • woman playing with 2 children who are on a small playset
Cruise Along Playset Blue Tuff Comfy Deck

    Cruise Along Playset | Comfy Deck - Blue/Red

    Cruise Along Playset for Toddlers | Blue Comfy Tuff Deck The Cruise Along Playset for Toddlers ages 6-23 months with the Blue Comfy Deck develops motor skills in early walkers and cruisers. This unit has 2 access points and works in slightly smaller...

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  • discovery center four children's outdoor playset with roof discovery center four children's outdoor playset with roof

    Discovery Mountain - 8" Ground Spike

    Discovery Center 4 Children's Playset Children Ages 2-5 Years Old  The Discovery Center 4 is a perfect solution for multiple classrooms to play together, by accommodating up to 20 children! This four-deck structure offers a variety of...

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  • Learn-a-Lot Two Panel Play Set

    Learn-a-Lot 2 Panel Playset - Blue/Red

    Learn a Lot Two Panel Playset   Learn-a-lot is a sensory wall play station that is perfect for use indoors or outside use. It features a versatile design that can be used as shown, or for larger spaces, can be upgraded to a 4-Panel configuration...

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  • Learn-a-Lot Four Panel Play Set Learn-a-Lot Four Panel Play Set

    Learn-a-Lot 4 Panel Playset - Blue/Red

    Learn a Lot four Panel Playset Children ages 6-23 months love to explore, and the Learn-a-Lot 4 Panel Playset provides these children a multi sensory experience. This play unit measures 74" x 79" x 24" high and can be used indoors or outdoors and can be...

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  • The Big Outdoors Toddler Play Set The Big Outdoors Toddler Play Set

    The Big Outdoors - Multi-Color

    The Big Outdoors Toddler Playset The Big Outdoor Toddler Playset is designed to allow toddlers to recognize familiar objects their own backyard. The "L" shape structure consists of a incline ramp made from recycled materials and a set of steps that tots...

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  • Tot Town Mushroom Kottage

    Tot Town Mushroom Cottage

    Tot Town Mushroom Cottage Not only is the Tot Town Mushroom Cottage cute, it also features many manipulative play elements for children ages 9 months to 2 years. Inside children will find animal paw prints molded in the walls, a phone and an unbreakable...

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