10 Games To Reinvent a Day at the Playground

10 Games To Reinvent a Day at the Playground

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Feb 2nd 2023

10 Games To Reinvent a Day at the Playground

Playing outdoors is a great way for kids to get exercise and have fun. But if the kids need a change from the standard playground activities, try these 10 games to reinvent a day at the playground. The children are sure to enjoy themselves when they play something new!


Unpretzel teaches kids communication, strategy, and teamwork as they work together to untangle themselves back into a circle. Start the game by creating groups of 6 to 10 kids. Have the kids stand in a circle and hold hands from across it.

Here’s a tip: if you find children feeling confused or uninterested in playing the game, have the group start over. When you start over, you can have the students who don’t want to play or are confused watch the other players and how they communicate to disentangle their arms.

Simon Says

Simon Says is the ultimate classic every child needs to learn how to play. This activity requires children to listen carefully and follow what the leader says to do. The leader must start with “Simon Says” before telling a group what action to do. If the players don’t hear “Simon Says” and do the move anyway, they’re out.

Over and Under Ball

This game is loads of fun too! Have your group form a straight line. While in the line, each player takes turns placing the ball over or under for the other player to grab. Instead of imitating the same move as the first player, the second player will go under.

The movement is a pattern and shouldn’t be broken at any time. No one should repeat the same action as the person in front of them. If there are children with limited mobility, ensure there’s an adult present to help them pick the most comfortable position.

Balloon Battle

Balloon Battle tests agility. Split the group into two teams with balloons tied to their ankles, or have the kids hold them as they run around. You’d want children to carry them if they have sensitivity to noise—this alters the game.

Usually, the game involves children chasing each other, trying to step on the different team’s balloons until there are no more left. You could change things up by having children carry the balloon, and if they drop it, the opposing team could run and grab it before it’s picked back up.

Gaga Ball

Gaga ball is a game that teaches a lot and doesn’t require much skill to play. Kids and adults of all ages can jump into a gaga ball pit to play a quick five-minute game. To play the game, you’ll need a gaga ball pit kit.

The pit is plastic and great for indoors and outdoors. It is wide enough to hold two teams of four to eight at a time. Ensure you play by the rules:

  • You can only tap the ball with one hand.
  • You are not allowed to throw or kick the ball unless you throw it back into play.
  • If the ball hits a player anywhere below the waist, they’re out.
  • Keep inclusivity in mind. This game is teamwork based, and everyone should show good sportsmanship while playing.


Tug-of-war is a fun game that challenges endurance, strength, and teamwork. Simultaneously, the two teams pull the rope as hard as possible to prove they’re the strongest. The winner is determined based on which team pulls a ribbon over a marked line first.

Ensure that when you play tug-of-war, there aren’t too many stronger players on one side, outweighing other players. Additionally, avoid adding an uneven number of players; everything should be balanced to create a more inclusive game.

Please, Mr. Crocodile

Primarily aimed at children 5 to 7 years old, Please, Mr. Crocodile is a game that teaches patience, self-awareness, and pace. The activity starts with four players; one participant is the crocodile, and the others are trying to get across the golden river.

The dialogue might vary, but you could have the three players trying to get across say something like, “Please, Mr. Crocodile, may I cross the golden river?” and the crocodile would say, “Yes, you may, but you must be wearing something blue.” Any player wearing a visible article of blue clothing can move one step forward.

If players aren’t wearing the color the crocodile says, then the crocodile must chase after them. If the players get away, they remain in. The first player to get across the river becomes the new crocodile.


This game is tons of fun! In this activity, you’ll pretend someone from the Guinness World Records is visiting to record a world record for the fastest zoom. You can compare the quickest zoom to the sound barrier record completed by US Air Force Captain Charles E. Chuck in 1947.

You start the players in a large circle, beginning with the first player, going clockwise and counterclockwise—the direction is essential! Make sure players go clockwise until they return to the first player, and then they will go counterclockwise. The first player will point to their left fast and shout, “zoom!” When they point, this will start a sequence of aiming and saying “zoom.” Everyone must go again if one player doesn’t say zoom or goes in the wrong direction.

Record your time for both directions and make it a friendly competition for the group to try and beat.

Freeze Tag With Hula Hoops

Freeze tag is a fun game, but hula hoops make it even more fun. Start by spreading the hula hoops around a big, open room. Depending on the room’s size, you could pick more than one tagger. Keep it to a maximum of three taggers so there are enough players to tag.

Once a player’s tagged, they must remain in their space and not leave. In order for players to stay untagged and safe, they need to run to the hula hoops. Ensure students don’t remain in the hula hoops for more than 10 seconds.

Grass and Dirt

This game goes by many names, like snakes and worms. Grab green and brown yarn and cut it into small pieces. Normally, the yarn should be 20 feet long, but it could be longer if there are more players.

After you’ve cut the pieces up, hide them around the play area and have the kids search for them. Tie the pieces each team finds together until there are no more parts left to find. The team with the longest string wins the game.

The best way to reinvent a day at the playground is to play a new game. With so many activities to try, there’s no end to how creative you can make playtime for everyone. As you plan your day of play, prepare the play area with play gear from Discount Playground Supply. We’re a leader in making playtime better for everyone. Let’s make play more fun with the right equipment.

10 Games To Reinvent a Day at the Playground