3 Essential Features for Commercial Playgrounds

3 Essential Features for Commercial Playgrounds

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Jan 12th 2022

3 Essential Features for Commercial Playgrounds

An adequately built playground comes with three things: accessibility, room to move around, and surrounding nature. Without the essential features for commercial playgrounds, we wouldn’t have enough options for families to get out of the house and spend time outdoors with their kids.

Open Space

The critical element to include in your blueprints is enough space for children to roam around. If there isn’t enough room, many children won’t be able to play there.

So, to avoid your park becoming tight, plan separate areas for children of different ages to go so they have somewhere to play. Children have a lot of energy, so it’s a good idea to open the playground so all of them can have a healthy way to release their pent-up energy.


Children develop more by exploring the world around them—but if skyscrapers surround your park, you most likely don’t have lots of places for them to explore safely. They won’t develop the same as other children if they’re surrounded by nothing but towering buildings. Your playground must have natural components so the children’s sensory skills can develop. Find ways to plant trees so everyone at the park can benefit from the fresh air and beauty they provide.


Carefully review your designs to make sure your playground is accessible for children of all ages, including those with disabilities. Implement different strategies to make this a reality.

As you build your park, incorporate different swing set designs with special seats for those with mobility issues. The playground swing set hardware you purchase helps enhance the swinging experience for all children.

Why These Elements Matter

These essential features for commercial playgrounds matter because they help children develop critical life skills. You can do this by making your entire playground inclusive. Every addition to the park can help elevate the experience for all who come and play on the playground.

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