3 Great Alternatives To Use for Playground Borders

3 Great Alternatives To Use for Playground Borders

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Jun 13th 2022

3 Great Alternatives To Use for Playground Borders

While designing a park, you need items to help divide play areas, control messes, and keep the park looking great. Whether you want to carve out a path for bikes and walkers or separate the play areas, opt out of using a wooden or brand-new rubber edge and try out these three great alternatives to use for playground borders.


Many parks aim for inclusivity, but an ordinary border could exclude those in wheelchairs and other disabilities. To make your park fun, try out ramps. Ramps add more ways for everyone to come and go as they please, and they’ll help your park meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Recycled Rubber Timbers

Some parks aim to improve their sustainability by installing structures made from recycled materials, including rubber. Manufacturers use old tires to make recycled rubber timbers. They break the tires down and mix them with polyurethane to bind them.

These planks last a long time and can flex into any shape you want. Additionally, the timbers come in multiple colors to personalize every park area, including the play zones.

Plastic Border Planks

A plastic border is a great choice over other edging types, as they come in different finishes to mimic wood or other natural materials. The frames are regularly available in eight and twelve-inch variations.

Are Playground Borders Necessary?

Playset borders add plenty of value to a park. When a park administrator installs borders into their park, they can expect benefits such as:

  • Divide play areas by age
  • Walkways are cleaner and safer
  • Reduced need for maintenance and cleaning

It’s important to have borders, not only to increase the park's aesthetic but to help keep the surfacing inside play areas and help divide spaces better. Discount Playground Supply provides ways to enhance the appearance of a park with park borders. Start planning today to reconfigure your park’s layout with alternatives playground borders from Discount Playground Supply.