3 Important Tips to Encourage Teens to Get Outside

3 Important Tips to Encourage Teens to Get Outside

Jun 19th 2019

3 Important Tips to Encourage Teens to Get Outside

Parents want their children to be as active as possible, but the struggle intensifies for them once their kids become young adults. With social media at the front of their minds, teens are generally focusing less on breaking a sweat. According to Medical News Today, “Fewer than 3 in 10 high school students get a minimum of 60 minutes of daily physical activity, which is the level of exercise recommended by both the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).” To help improve this statistic, you can team up with your local park or playground to better serve local teens. Below, we provide you with three important tips to encourage teens to get outside.

Promote Outdoor Spaces

The first step to inspiring your teen to step outside is by promoting the multitude of possibilities the outdoors offers. They don’t have to do anything extreme—even a simple bike ride or hike is enough for them to have a blast and feel refreshed. Additionally, if your teen doesn’t feel like moving, you can encourage them to soak up the sun’s rays anyway. For instance, many high school students take classes over the summer, and park benches and picnic tables can act as great study spaces outside of the library.

Encourage Teens to Play

Sure, some teens feel comfortable swinging on the swings, but others may feel they’re “too old” for a playground’s offerings. To encourage teenagers to unplug and go outside, local parks should consider installing outdoor fitness stations at their playgrounds. This equipment allows teens to squeeze in some exercise on their own. If your playground doesn’t already offer these features, consider asking your city’s government. However, most local parks already have open fields available for soccer, Frisbee golf, and other group activities for older kids.

Register for An Event at the Local Park

Contrary to popular belief, teens don’t always want to isolate themselves from the outside world. Many teens want to take part in exciting experiences, especially ones that involve receiving some type of incentive. For example, your local park can host a tournament and offer an enticing prize to the winning team. Some park districts even give local teens the opportunity to help organize the tournaments. Additionally, events for charity are popular community events because they encourage teens to not only hang out with their friends but also give back to the community. Motivate them to register for an event—it’ll give them something to look forward to.