3 Main Ways for Cities to Make Parks More Health Focused

3 Main Ways for Cities to Make Parks More Health Focused

Mar 5th 2020

3 Main Ways for Cities to Make Parks More Health Focused

Every day, people are searching for new ways to live a healthier life. They want to walk more, eat healthier, spend more time with people who make them happy—health manifests in many ways. You can employ numerous methods to make your city more health friendly and make people’s goals that much easier to accomplish. One area you can focus on are public parks. There are tons of ways for cities to make parks more health focused, and we have a few of our favorites listed below. These improvements will boost the park’s popularity ratings and help the people of your city accomplish their health goals!

Design for Social Gatherings

As we briefly mentioned above, good health manifests in many ways. This means, apart from workout equipment, walking trails, and playgrounds for children, you’ll need to give room for those who are looking to improve their mental health. One of the greatest ways to do that is by encouraging connections and relationships. You can do this by designing your park for social gatherings. This means not only adding in different kinds of seating so people feel comfortable, but also asks you to design and add in “social” elements. Even if you don’t have the most space, there are elements you can add to delegate your park as a social gathering space. We have a few social elements listed here.

  • Gazebos
  • Covered and uncovered eating areas
  • Grills and firepits
  • Playgrounds and athletic fields

Include Exercise Equipment

Next comes the type of health most people think of—physical health. A park is a perfect location for people to set and accomplish their physical health goals. Cities can do more to help people accomplish these goals apart from walking trails. For example, at Discount Playground Supply, we provide outdoor fitness equipment for parks and playgrounds to help people accomplish their fitness goals. When you integrate exercise equipment like this into your park, you’ll target those people who are looking to improve their health and draw them in. When they come for your fitness equipment, they’ll be more likely to suggest your park for social gatherings as well. The more you offer park-goers, the more likely they’ll be to choose you for accomplishing their health-focused goals.

Cater to All Clientele

One of the main reasons adults tend to not focus on their health goals is because they’re too busy. They have kids they have to get to at the end of the workday, they have pets they have to attend to, or they have to look after their elderly parents. The best part about a health-focused park is that you’re able to design it to cater to all of these different audiences. You can have playgrounds for the kids to enjoy while their parents are on the fitness equipment nearby. You can have senior gatherings to target the elderly audience. You can build a dog park so that the dogs and their owners can get some exercise and fresh air. When you design the park with different areas for different demographics in mind, then you’ll open up your park to a much wider range of people.

Your park can be a health haven for a wide range of people. Especially when you partner up with Discount Playground Supply. Like we mentioned, we have outdoor fitness equipment, but we also have all you need for your playgrounds and dog parks and offer various seating options and commercial park grills as well. We can help you make your city park more health friendly and focused. Peruse our site now!