3 Things To Include At Your Community Dog Park To Boost Rental Appeal

3 Things To Include At Your Community Dog Park To Boost Rental Appeal

Posted by Discount Playground SUpply on Mar 1st 2019

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Many communities across the US have started advertising themselves as pet-friendly and introducing special amenities to attract new renters and buyers. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to advertise your rental community as pet-friendly to catch the attention of new renters.

To get a leg up on your competition, one of the best things you can do to pull new renters toward your community is to offer a community dog park. Dog parks are enjoyable for both residents and their pets.

But what can you include in your new community dog park to make it more than your average patch of grass? Here are three things you can install to take your brand new dog park to the next level.

  1. Dog waste stations. Dog owners will be less likely to leave gross dog waste at your dog park if you provide them with dog waste stations and bags. Even if a dog owner brings their own bags, they can sometimes run out and the last thing you want is to start your park out on the wrong (stinky) foot.
  2. Dog agility equipment kits. A dog agility equipment kit at your community dog part can really increase rental appeal. After all, it's not every day a dog owner can have their pet safely play on playground equipment. Just be sure that you maintain your equipment to keep anyone's dog from getting hurt.
  3. Alternative surfaces. Despite popular belief, grass isn't always the best surface to use in your dog park. Although it can be good to have a grassy area, dogs can easily tear up an all-grass area with their paws and leave the park muddy. Decomposed granite is a great alternative surface that's easy to maintain without the dirt and mud.

Where can I find high-quality dog agility equipment kits?

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