4 Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

4 Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

Dec 1st 2021

It looks like you're looking for maintenance tips for school playgrounds. As you explore different ideas, consider four easy ways to preserve a schoolyard on school grounds by following SAFE, an acronym that exemplifies the importance of caring for the school playground.

Practice SAFE

When enforcing new ways to maintain the playground at school, many workers may not know how often the play area needs to be cleaned and fixed. However, school administrators can enforce SAFE.

  • Supervision
  • Appropriate environment
  • Fall surfacing
  • Equipment maintenance

By using SAFE, workers can learn the best practices to maintain a park. First, let's learn how we can implement the acronym in playground maintenance.

Using SAFE When Organizing Playground Maintenance

When it comes to organizing, we need to have someone who overlooks all planning and organizing of playground maintenance at school. Here's how we can implement supervision and equipment maintenance for playgrounds.


School administrators need a person in charge of supervision, such as the leading maintenance manager. A supervisor can assign different roles to staff and other administrators to inspect the structure and report any signs of wear, damage, or missing pieces.

Additionally, when children play on the playground, they may not know their boundaries, so they challenge rules to find them. If staff or other members notice that equipment is being misused, they can step in and demonstrate proper use of the equipment.


As staff makes repair reports, they must ensure that the entire process clarifies how administrators receive messages to relay to maintenance. For example, schools can use an online contact form to contact the maintenance care team.

Furthermore, while working on fixes, ensure the staff reads the instructions carefully, especially when handling supplies like a swing set hardware kit. Carefully reading instructions can lower the risk of mistakes.

Creating a Maintenance Checklist

When inspecting a structure, work with the maintenance team to create a daily checklist to ensure all playground areas are checked and repaired.

The vital letter to focus on in this section is F—fall surfacing. The reason to follow this step is to keep track of damaged surfacing around the park that can cause accidents. Fall surfacing helps support children in the play area.

Here's what you need to look for on your school playground maintenance checklist.

  • Broken equipment pieces
  • Clearing out dangers in mulch and sand
  • Cleaning litter
  • Taking down vandalism

Keep the Playground Clean

The last letter to focus on is A—appropriate environments. When cleaning, we must use the right products at the right time and place.

For instance, before you use a simple solution of bleach and water to clean the play structure, refer to the manufacturer's instructions to know what's appropriate to use on your playground equipment.

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