4 Tips for Designing a Spectacular Playground

4 Tips for Designing a Spectacular Playground

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Dec 1st 2022

4 Tips for Designing a Spectacular Playground

Nearly every park has a playground, but they’re not often designed for all age groups. If you want to revamp your park, start by following our four best tips for creating a spectacular playground everyone in the community can enjoy.

Make the Playground Age-Appropriate

Sometimes, it’s tough designing an age-appropriate playscape. Your park’s size has a role in what equipment you include for every age group. Instead of sticking with an inflexible layout, consider other avenues, like hiring a park designer.

A park designer can configure the landscape so you can fit all the age-appropriate gear. A playground should also be divided into different spaces so that it’s easy to distinguish between age groups.

Avoid Adding Too Much Form

Excessive form is a way to add too many details. Every park is unique, but too many features throw off the atmosphere and create safety hazards. For instance, a garden might make a nice focal point, but it will cause problems if it’s too close to the play area.

Think about the children before putting in a garden or something else entirely for a focal point. While kids love learning in nature, wildlife should be at a safe distance from kids at play, since they could get stung by bees or bitten by critters. Limit what you add to these play zones before building any part of the playground.

Create Unique Play Spaces

Every play space needs to be its own unique adventure, and what you put into it could affect how children interact with the equipment. If your park is in an urban area, you might use more natural elements. The park could include a natural playground with wooden fixtures and play equipment.

You could also add other things for a unique park, like:

  • Historical sites
  • Pools
  • Benches

Offer Amenities for Other Parkgoers

Everyone enjoys visiting the park, even if they outgrow most of the play equipment. Instead of only designing the park with kids in mind, consider adding other amenities for adult parkgoers, like walking trails and benches.

Your park should include other ways for kids and their families to get outdoors and play, like a recreational field. It is the perfect place for families that want to play competitive sports like touch football or soccer.

You can create a spectacular playground by following these design tips. If you want to ensure your playscape stays in the best shape possible, maintain all equipment with hardware kits from Discount Playground Supply. We offer all types of toolkits, including the swing set hardware kit, to keep your play area looking its best. With our help, you can create a park you know the community will love visiting.