4 Tips for Making School Recess Fun and Challenging

4 Tips for Making School Recess Fun and Challenging

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Oct 31st 2022

Playtime is always a suitable time for kids to socialize and develop new skills while still having fun. As a school official, you might be looking to improve recess for the students. To help with this, here are four tips for making school recess fun and challenging.

Shake Up Limbo

Limbo’s a fun, classic game, but mixing it up once in a while encourages kids to use their cognitive skills to adapt and succeed at the game. After all, limbo is a fast-paced game that requires quick thinking.

One way to challenge your students at limbo is to have them walk backward underneath the bar. By having kids go in reverse, they’re tasked with guessing when the bar is near them, so they can get under without touching it.

Install a Gaga Ball Pit

Similar to dodgeball, gaga ball is a fun, challenging game where players are eliminated if the ball hits them below the knees. It is, however, often overlooked, making it a great opportunity to add something exciting to your school’s playground equipment.

Once all players are in the enclosed pit and the ball is in play, the basic rules are as follows:

  • A player is out if hit below the knees.
  • No one is allowed to grab or hold the ball.
  • A player is out if they throw the ball over the barrier.

Once your students master the basics, you can introduce Last Man Standing. This version involves two balls inside the pit, and students battle to hit both balls as they zip around the arena. Get your school a gaga ball pit kit to see what all the hype’s about—you won’t regret it!

Test a Student’s Strength

Another great tip to make recess fun and challenging is assessing a student’s strength on playground gear. Challenge each student to hang from the monkey bars or climb a rock wall. These activities require kids to test their limits, building their endurance and strength as they see how high they can climb and how long they can hold onto a bar.

Add Spelling to Basketball

Basketball is a favorite recess sport, but you can make it unique and challenging for your students by throwing spelling into the mix. The game H-O-R-S-E is a great way to do this. One player takes a shot. If they make the basket, then other players take turns attempting to score the same shot. If a player misses a shot, they gain a letter. A player is out when they have missed five shots—spelling horse—and the game is over when all but one player have spelled horse.

Playing games at recess is a great way to make school more enjoyable for students. At Discount Playground Supply, we prioritize making every playground more fun and safer for its users. Shop our inventory today!