4 Trends That Will Transform Your Modern Playground

4 Trends That Will Transform Your Modern Playground

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Sep 7th 2022

A new park needs the most updated play gear while touching up on the minor details and helping nourish a child’s personal growth. There’s a lot of stimuli around, and children can’t help but take notice. Whether it’s to feel or see, kids enjoy piquing their curiosity by discovering their senses. Find out how these four trends support sense discovery and how that will transform your modern playground.

Using Sound

Sound is an element that parks should strongly consider adding to their current playground layout. From rolling slides to wind chimes on the playground, there are many ways to stimulate a child’s mind with the use of noise. Whether it’s a soft or loud noise, this is the best element to incorporate into your park.

Encouraging Touch

Children love to touch something and note the texture. Whether thumbing the roundness of a rock or feeling the firm side of a slide, the small things impact kids’ discovery of sensations.

Even if it’s not to discover the senses, touch can greatly assist in learning mobility. The monkey bars are an excellent add-on if kids like climbing and want to test their strength to hold on and move from one bar to the next.

Consider Colors

Kids love colors, whether it’s a bright rainbow or soft pastels. They create a better sensory experience for all children. Using color in children’s play equipment—such as yellow, red, blue, and other vivid colors—can increase stimulation in many ways.

Kids love sunny colors, and so do their parents! They help liven up the park. Take a chance to look at the different styles and colors of commercial children’s play equipment to make the play area anew.

Small Details

Even the smallest details can excite children. These minimal things could be anything from pretending to fly on a swing to balancing on planks; every child will engage in every way they can to explore their cognitive skills.

The small details are what really make these trends matter when looking for ways that help modernize the playground. It’s all in the small parts—focus on those, and you’ll see the play areas blossom.

At Discount Playground Supply, we offer playground gear to help encompass these trends. Focusing on a child’s sensory development helps build a better park for everyone. Come find what you need to enhance your playground.