5 Tips for Making Sure Your Playground Border Is Secure

5 Tips for Making Sure Your Playground Border Is Secure

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Oct 25th 2023

A playground border can consist of many materials, and its purpose is to keep the surfacing contained, give children boundaries, and make the play area look neat. An improperly installed border only causes problems like tripping hazards, scattered surface materials, and a messy playground that isn’t safe. Follow along as we discuss tips for securing your playground border.

Choose Your Material

The first step for creating a secure playground border is choosing the best material. Durable border materials include the following:

  • Plastic is lightweight and easy to shape
  • Rubber is resistant to weathering, shock-absorbing, and offers soft landing for children
  • Wood needs maintenance and staining or painting to protect it from the elements
  • Metal is resistant to weathering yet expensive
  • Concrete is the most expensive and difficult to install

Consider a few things before choosing a border for your playground. Here’s what to ask yourself when deciding on the material:

  • What is the climate of the installation location?
  • What is the budget for this project?
  • What aesthetic am I aiming for?
  • Will these materials decrease the chance of injury if a child falls?

Measure the Area

The next step is to measure where the border will go so you know how much of the material you will need. Keep the twists and turns of the frame in mind, and order extra if necessary.

Prepare the Area

Wait for the right time of year to install your playground border. Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, intense heat, or below-freezing temperatures, may not be the best for an installation. Wait for moderate temperatures so the ground cooperates well.

Follow these steps to prepare the area for the installation:

  • Clear away debris and obstructions.
  • Level the ground.
  • Add a base layer of gravel or sand.

Install the Border

Now, it’s time to install the border! Your barrier should come with instructions from the manufacturer, so follow them closely. Gather any tools you’ll need for the project, such as shovels for digging a trench or creating divots for stakes or brackets.

Add More Base Material

Once installation is complete, stabilize the border with more base material (sand or gravel). After following these five tips for ensuring your playground border is secure, maintain a strong barrier by checking it regularly and making adjustments when necessary.

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