5 Tips on How to Maintain and Clean Your Public Playground

5 Tips on How to Maintain and Clean Your Public Playground

May 28th 2019

Playground Maintenance Plan Image

As a dependable playground equipment supplier, we understand that playground equipment is a major investment. With numerous adults and children visiting every year, you want it to last for as long as possible. That’s why we want to share five of our top tips on how to maintain and clean your public playground, so you can best prepare for visiting families.

Inspect Your Equipment Regularly

Inspections should be the highest priority for playground owners. If you don’t inspect your equipment, you won’t have an accurate understanding of whether your playground area is safe. Don’t forget to examine mulch and similar materials as well—it’s easy for hazardous objects to hide in loose-fill playground surfaces.

Pressure Wash Your Playground

Like anything else, a public playground must be cleaned on a regular basis, and you should keep your playground equipment clean to help fight illness-causing bacteria. Power washing is a common method of cleaning because it effectively sanitizes and scrubs equipment— it’s also faster than handwashing it yourself. We recommend hiring a professional company to pressure wash dirt, gum, sand, sticky juice residue, and other contaminants that may be on your equipment.

Seal Rubber Surfaces

Once your equipment is clean, it’s important to seal any rubber surfaces with a clear topcoat. This layer acts as protection against the sun’s rays, so your playground looks better and lasts longer. You should seal these surfaces to avoid unsightly (and unsafe) cracks and holes caused by normal wear. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this step every year or two—only when your playground desperately needs it.

Repair Equipment

Did you know that playgrounds can avoid 33% of accidents if they have a planned maintenance program? To avoid visitor injuries, you need make sure you promptly repair broken or damaged equipment. One of the best ways you can keep track of maintenance is by creating a checklist based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Keep Trash Receptacles Available

Like any public space, playgrounds are susceptible to litter. A dirty playground certainly won’t attract newcomers, so of course, trash cans are a necessity. Placing trash cans around the play area can help prevent garbage from making its way onto equipment or within loose-fill playground surfaces.

When you take the time to properly maintain your playground equipment, and the area surrounding it, you can extend your park’s beauty and keep it safe for families.