5 Ways To Improve Your School Playground

5 Ways To Improve Your School Playground

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Jun 16th 2022

5 Ways To Improve Your School Playground

Schools across the nation have play areas that are in disrepair—some have rusty chain links on swings, and others have slides with loose screws. To combat these circumstances, school officials need to rally together and find ways to improve school playgrounds. Here are five things you can do right now.

Add Variety to the Playground

Many communities have inclusive playgrounds already, but some schools may fall behind while they accumulate funds to buy equipment or improve its variety. Many students are at a significant disadvantage when there’s no equipment available for their skills and abilities.

Children should have equipment that encourages them to play instead of looking on while others play on gear they can’t use.

If your playground’s equipment is unvaried, make the change. More children can play longer and challenge themselves when they have fun, skill- and age-appropriate equipment.

Upgrade Old Equipment

As you explore different ways to enhance your school’s playground, don’t forget to upgrade old equipment. Old gear can cause more injuries and discourages children from playing. Start by looking at the equipment’s pieces and bolts, and then replace these parts when problems appear.

Additionally, set up a part of the budget to buy new equipment and hardware kits, such as commercial-grade swing set hardware kits, to fix any damages to your playground gear.

Use Empty Space

If there’s space, it’s best to fill it up. If you have more room to expand your playground, then build in those places. Consider building separate areas for different age groups if you have enough space.

Start by looking at what you need—if you want more places for kids to play during gym class, consider adding a basketball court or four-square spaces. These fun spaces allow kids to play and keep themselves busy while learning new skills.

Add Some Color

A flat play area may need a significant renovation. It’s important to add color to introduce a new layer of vibrancy to the school. Schools stand out more when they incorporate different hues into their play areas.

For starters, the area with the swings and slide could have colorful pipes holding them up, and the slide could have a bright canopy and bridge. Having colors adds more fun to playtime. Additionally, it helps kids use their imagination.

Let the Environment In

Playgrounds are an essential asset to a child’s development, in part because they are typically outdoors. Surround your playground with natural elements like you might see at the park.

To make this work without putting in new plants, you could rebuild your playground in a tree-filled, shady area and add natural mulch.

These things help bring a school playground back to life. However, none of it would be possible without the help of school administrators. Transform the school play yard with Discount Playground Supply, where every playground can be new.