Beginner Tips for Installing New Playground Equipment

Beginner Tips for Installing New Playground Equipment

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Nov 15th 2022

Beginner Tips for Installing New Playground Equipment

The day to start your plan to build a new playground is finally here. Before you start, you should prepare your volunteer groups for the process. There’s a likely chance you have a handful of first-time volunteers; discuss these beginner tips for installing new playground equipment with your helpers.

Discuss Safety Precautions With Beginner Builders

No matter the age or skill level of your volunteers, you still need to talk about safety with each group. Discussing safety precautions is especially necessary when working with beginner builders. Start by discussing general things like how to hold tools, how to clear areas before working, and how to know if an area is safe to work in.

Next, you can dive into what to expect on building day. You should go over the activities that will be involved in the process and what apparel to wear and remind volunteers to bring water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the day. If your plans extend past a single day, you will need to discuss when volunteers should return throughout the week.

Check the Packaging Before Opening

Now that you have planned what to discuss with first-time volunteers, help them inspect the packaging. If anything appears opened, damaged, or defective, you need to contact your play equipment supplier.

Between the time you order and when the items are delivered, take a moment to log the number of items you ordered, such as how many swing sets, slides, and play platforms you ordered. The number of packages you receive should be equal to what you ordered. If you’re missing a package, contact your supplier immediately to report the issue or check your shipping app on your phone to see if there’s a delay.

Sort the Equipment

Next, start sorting your packages. Move bigger items to a bigger storage area on a U-boat, and carry medium and small packages on dollies or hand trucks. Using dollies and metal trucks allows you to safely move all your inventory and improves organization.

After transporting your packages, open them one at a time to sort the equipment. Big pieces should remain in one pile, rubber materials should be in another, and any tools or pre-packaged nuts and bolts should stay in their plastic bags until you’re ready to use them. Make an Excel spreadsheet of your inventory so that you can keep track of what you have to work with and what you may need to stock up on.

Start Building the Playground

You can finally start building! Make sure you reference these beginner tips while installing a new playground; they’ll help keep the entire building project organized. Now that your teams have split up and started work on their projects, take a moment to inspect the area and make sure it’s ready to go with new surfacing and a playground barrier. This barrier helps keep kids safe while playing and keeps your workers inside the perimeter while building.

Your playground deserves the best equipment. You can find all the tools and play gear you need at Discount Playground Supply. Our equipment is built to last and makes playtime fun for the whole neighborhood. Contact us with questions about how our products can improve your new play area.