Benefits of Outdoor Playgrounds for Public Spaces

Benefits of Outdoor Playgrounds for Public Spaces

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Nov 17th 2023

Outdoor playgrounds are a fixture in many communities and have been around for decades, with the first playgrounds consisting of only sandboxes and perhaps a baseball diamond. Playgrounds then and now fulfilled a community's need for outdoor gatherings and recreation. Though many homes now boast playsets right in their backyards, there is still a need for community areas. To understand more about the benefits of outdoor playgrounds for public spaces, read on as we discuss how they enhance the lives of those who enjoy them.

Connecting the Community

Public spaces, especially play areas, are a great way for those in the same community to connect. Outdoor playgrounds are the perfect place for organized social groups with children to meet up. They are also the spot for newly formed friendships as caregivers from all over the community bring children to play.

Keeping Kids Active

In today's world of screen time, parents often worry that children aren't getting enough exercise. One of the biggest benefits of outdoor playgrounds for public spaces is that they allow children to run off some steam and work out while having fun. For kids, the best form of exercise is when they don't realize they are exercising.

Activities like swinging, sliding, running, and climbing are all healthy pursuits for kids. And the fresh air is beneficial as well.

Increase Property Values

Did you know an outdoor playground in your neighborhood may increase property values? Families moving to the area often look for extra amenities in a community, such as a playground.

Wildlife Conservation

Many outdoor playgrounds are in public parks with plenty of green space and trees. Since most cities won't allow building in a park beyond that which is needed for restrooms or picnic shelters, all the green area around a park's play center is protected, which is a good thing for wildlife that lives nearby. Squirrels, rabbits, and birds can happily enjoy the safety of trees and natural shelters surrounding the playground.

Outdoor play areas bring communities and families together and benefit everyone. At Discount Playground Supply, we proudly offer high-quality commercial children's play equipment for your outdoor public playground. Please browse our online store or contact us with questions about commercial play area designs.