Does Your Playground Need A New Swing Set?

Does Your Playground Need A New Swing Set?

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Mar 1st 2019

Double Swing Set

When it comes to commercial playgrounds, the swing set is a playground staple and a favorite among kids everywhere. The choice to have a swing set at your commercial playground is a guarantee your playground will have visitors.

But the swing set's popularity can have its drawbacks. Wear and tear can leave the swings in poor condition, which can cause injury to the kids who play on them.

Consider the following signs it may be time to replace your own playground's swing set:

  1. The swing seats are cracked. Swing seats are made of flexible canvas, rubber, and plastic. Over time, especially when they're well-loved, wear and tear can break down these materials and cause cracking. If left unrepaired, cracks in swing seats can pinch the skin of the kids who sit on them or may even break under their weight. Swing seats can also gradually lose their shape, which can make them more difficult to sit in and less fun to play on.
  2. The chains are rusted. Your playground's swing set is exposed to the elements, so it makes sense that the chains connecting the seats to the metal set itself may become rusted over time. It's important to replace these chains once you've noticed the rust because it can cause other damage not only to the swing set but also to the kids playing on it. Rust can form sharp edges on the metal, which can harm a child.
  3. The swing set is noisy. On the topic of rust, the swing set itself may have become rusted, not just the chains. You may be able to identify this issue by listening to the swing set. If the swings are noisy and screech when they're used, you may need to replace the metal pieces.

Looking for replacement commercial playground equipment?

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If your swing set hardware or other playground parts are damaged, you don't need to replace the entire playground set. Discount Playground Supply offers commercial playground equipment parts to replace the defective parts on your playground. To learn more about our playground parts and playground repair, contact Discount Playground Supply today.