Durable Rubber vs. Plastic Playground Borders

Durable Rubber vs. Plastic Playground Borders

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on May 16th 2022

Durable Rubber vs. Plastic Playground Borders

As a community leader, you strive to improve the town’s image, even developing family-friendly places for everyone to gather for fun events. If there are sparse areas that need love and attention, you may want to place them in a park with a play area for children.

A lot goes into developing a park, such as finding the right barriers to keep surfacing in and teaching children not to wander into an area. Here are the pros and cons of durable rubber and plastic playground borders.

The Pros and Cons of Durable Rubber

Durable rubber’s also called recycled rubber edging since it’s made from refurbished tires and other recycled materials. The material’s a top choice because they have corners to connect quickly, and they don’t need replacing too often.

With that being said, here are the pros of durable rubber playground barriers:

  • They have rounded edges for safety and durability
  • They can withstand cold temperatures
  • They’re lightweight and come in color

As far as pros are concerned, many materials have cons, so it’s good to know what to expect before buying. Here are the cons of rubber borders:

  • The material’s expensive
  • The color choices are limited
  • When connected to other pieces, it won’t stay in place for too long

The Pros and Cons of Plastic Playground Borders

Plastic is an elastic material that can morph into any design with ease. There are many things to like about plastic playground borders, such as being easy to carry and coming in many formats to fit your playground’s theme.

The edging doesn’t have to only be in the play area— it can go in other places, like gardens and near nature paths. Plastic is excellent because it’s inexpensive, stylish, and has more versatility in creating an inclusive playground.

Here are the pros of plastic playground borders:

  • It’s attractive
  • It comes in many affordable styles
  • It’s easy to install

Even as you learn the benefits of the plastic playground border, it’s essential to know the cons as well so you can keep your options open. However, there aren’t many cons to list except one: maintenance needs to fix the material often.

Which Material Should You Use?

So, you’ve come this far to learn about the pros and cons of both durable and plastic borders. You don’t need to decide right away, but keep this list in mind. The best playground barrier is dependent on your budget, so don’t spend more than you need to.

While working your way through the pros and cons of durable rubber vs. plastic playground borders, it’s essential to create a list of your top choices and draw out every benefit and negative of all borders.

Every community leader wants to improve their town each day, so get started with a playground. Discount Playground Supply has everything a community member needs to build an inclusive play zone for everyone to enjoy. Contact us here for information on our playground borders and how they enhance the park.