Fall Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

Fall Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Sep 27th 2021

As the air gets cooler, the hassle of maintaining a school playground becomes an issue. The school playground has to deal with rain, mud, and broken equipment. Furthermore, getting a school playground ready for winter is often a struggle. Follow our guide on the best fall maintenance tips for school playgrounds as we get into the new season.

Hold Regular Inspections

As we enter fall, students start to use the playground equipment more. Even with the change in season, the equipment can still get damaged. Start a routine where your maintenance team can inspect the playground equipment at least once a week and fix any problems.

Make Equipment Fixes a Priority

Fixing equipment should be at the top of your priority list every time an issue comes up. When you make repairs fast, you’re less likely to have problems in the future. For example, playground swings break often. The seats may fall off the chains or the swings might get tangled. Purchase a swingset hardware kit to repair any problems the swings might have. Having a hardware kit for your playground equipment can help improve its lifespan.

Keep a List of Repairs

Autumn is the perfect time to get school playground maintenance done. Keep a monthly log of repairs until the end of the year, and then start a new log when next year’s spring begins. By keeping track of your repairs, your maintenance team will record used parts and other details.

Check for Water Damage

As the school year progresses, so will the unpredictable rain that comes with a new season. Rain can often flood our parks. Before allowing students into the playground, go around the area to ensure it’s safe and water-free. Places to check include the safety surfaces and the playground barriers.

Get Ready for Winter

When fall is over, brace for winter by protecting the school playground. Without any protection, the freezing conditions can cause problems your maintenance team will have to deal with when summer comes. When you’re getting prepared, ensure your team is stocked with high-quality replacement parts.

Getting your school playground ready is a breeze with our list of the best fall maintenance tips for school playgrounds. Through Discount Playground Supply, you can quickly improve your school playground for this fall.