How GaGa Ball Benefits Children’s Development

How GaGa Ball Benefits Children’s Development

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Sep 10th 2020

How to GaGa Ball Benefits Children's Development

GaGa Ball is a fairly new game to the U.S., but it has grown increasingly popular over the last few decades. Like dodgeball, GaGa Ball is a great way to get kids up and moving. By increasing their heart rates with fun and excitement, GaGa Ball is a great form of exercise for kids. The positive impact of the game doesn’t stop there, though. Keep reading to find out how GaGa Ball benefits children’s development.

Motor Skills

GaGa Ball is a game that virtually everyone can play, and it has a universal language that kids can translate into all sports. This is because GaGa Ball impacts children’s development by teaching them all about agility and improving their motor skills. By playing the game, kids can improve their jumping, dodging, and running skills. All these skill sets will further aide them as they learn how to play more complex sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball.


GaGa Ball is beneficial for a child’s social development due to its inclusive nature. As we previously stated, virtually everyone can play. This means that even children who aren’t the most athletic can play and feel confident in themselves, as the game’s rules and instructions are relatively easy to follow. By promoting inclusivity, children are able to engage one another in a fun and friendly game.


As we previously mentioned, GaGa Ball is an inclusive game all-around. While this does have a positive impact on social development, it has an even greater impact on a child’s perception of themself. Traditional recess sports and activities usually rely on a team tactic, where children pick and choose who they want to participate on their teams.

This can be detrimental to the self-esteem of children who get picked last or not at all. Instead, GaGa Ball gives every child the opportunity to feel good about themselves because there are no teams involved. Every child has the chance to participate, which creates a positive impact on their own self-perception.

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