How Gaga Ball Is Helping Fight Childhood Obesity

How Gaga Ball Is Helping Fight Childhood Obesity

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Jun 27th 2022

How Gaga Ball Is Helping Fight Childhood Obesity

Children develop differently—some develop athletic skills faster than others, but that doesn’t compensate for the alarming obesity rates in kids. Many school administrators should consider why rates are high, and one point is that there’s not enough inclusive play in the classroom. By requiring gaga ball during PE class, many will see how this game is helping fight childhood obesity.

Kids Stay Active

One of the goals of PE classes is to encourage students to stay active. However, it’s not practiced well. In other words, many schools see a rapid decline in a child’s health if the faculty doesn’t meet their developmental needs.

For example, dodgeball might sound like fun to children in terms of agility and dodging skills. However, it’s a significant disadvantage for those with physical disabilities and others. Sometimes, those left out kids are sent to another classroom to do work, go to the cafeteria to help clean, or sit and watch other kids play.

Childhood Diseases

For schools to fight childhood obesity rates, there need to be better methods to combat diseases that occur during childhood.

Some conditions to keep in mind include:

  • Arthritis
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes

Staying active is the pinnacle in a child’s understanding of physical health. Gaga ball has reintroduced that apex through inclusive play.

What Is Inclusive Play?

Inclusive play involves playing sports and games that engage everyone, including teachers and other staff members. Inclusive activities build collaboration and teamwork and promote good sportsmanship among all players, including those who watch the games.

Gaga ball fits in perfectly, as it involves being in an octagon pit with two teams that only use one hand to tap the ball to another to tag them out.

Athletic Skills Develop

Gym class teaches a lot, but the vital thing to teach is equality. Every child playing a game like gaga ball learns agility, flexibility, and dodging, like dodgeball. These skills translate well into other sports, and when introduced to younger kids, children know the value of teamwork and communicating with players.

Everyone Plays

As mentioned above about inclusive play, everyone gets to participate. As much as no one wants to be competitive, it’s accepted for gaga ball, but in a positive way. All hoots, hollers, and cheering are allowed when playing or watching.

The Game’s Portable

After discovering gaga ball, there’s no way anyone can live without it—so we made it portable. No matter where you go, all you need is an open area to place a portable gaga pit for everyone to enjoy and take turns getting in and out while playing.

It’s essential to keep kids healthy, so incorporating games like gaga ball can help teach everyone another step in learning how to stop childhood obesity.

Schools can benefit from playing gaga ball with their students to fight obesity and its prolonged effects. Incorporating inclusive activities gets more students involved. With Discount Playground Supply’s high-quality equipment, your students will be the healthiest and most active versions of themselves.