How Teachers Can Teach Their Students Playground Safety

How Teachers Can Teach Their Students Playground Safety

Jul 22nd 2019

How Teachers Can Teach Their Students Playground Safety

Without a doubt, recess is a crucial part of any school day, as it aids students in learning more about the world around them. In fact, according to the CDC, 64.8% of districts mandate recess for elementary students. For recess to be an enjoyable and productive time, however, it needs to remain safe for everybody. We briefly outline how teachers can teach their students playground safety.

Act as A Resource for Students

Kids need trusted adults when things get complicated on the playground. In other words, it’s important to be there for students, even when they play on their own. Teachers should encourage students to speak with an adult if they injure themselves or have conflicts with other children.

Help Them Navigate the Equipment

Teachers should also pay attention to the equipment students use and how they use it. If students of all ages share a playground, guide them toward the age-appropriate surfaces and equipment. For instance, while older kids can handle rougher surfaces and more complicated equipment, it’s best to keep younger kids closer to simple toys and pour in place rubber playground surfacing. This way, you can reduce the likelihood that they’ll fall or hurt themselves.

Promote Positive Behavior

As a recess supervisor, it is your duty to enforce rules and endorse a positive environment. Inspire students to take turns, play cooperatively, and avoid aggressive behaviors such as hitting or kicking their peers, running in crowded areas, and throwing sharp objects. Additionally, make sure that students wash their hands before they return to class. When kids follow these straightforward rules, they can make their experience (and their peers’ experiences) on the playground better.

There you have it—just three ways in which your staff can make recess safer. While teachers can teach their students playground safety, it’s essential that your school’s playground is optimal for kids. We recommend shopping online with us; Discount Playground Supply offers all the equipment needed to transform your playground into an exciting place for children to play worry-free.