Maintaining Your Pour-In Playground Rubber

Maintaining Your Pour-In Playground Rubber

Posted by Discount Playground Supply on Jan 8th 2024

Pour-in playground rubber is the champion of playscape surfacing. This material offers the perfect balance of softness and sturdiness, but it isn't invincible. It requires regular maintenance to remain safe for children. This guide will help you maintain your pour-in playground rubber.

Remove Superficial Items Using a Leaf Blower

There’s no need to grab a broom and sweep away debris when you can use a leaf blower! Superficial debris—leaves, twigs, and small stones—can easily accumulate on the surfacing. Using a leaf blower on a regular basis to help clear these items will keep the playground clean and safe for children to play.

Cleanse the Rubber Once a Month

To maintain the cleanliness of the pour-in playground rubber surface, conduct a thorough cleaning at least once a month. Use a soft-bristled broom with a mild detergent diluted in warm water to lightly scrub the surface and eliminate dirt, bacteria, and stains. Afterward, use fresh water to rinse the surface.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or power washing the rubber surfacing, as they can cause damage. Monthly deep cleaning practice will enhance the longevity of the surfacing.

Repair Damage Promptly

Be on the lookout for tears or gaps in the pour-in playground rubber. You wouldn’t want a child to injure themselves while playing. You can fix minor damage with a patch and repair kit. For major damage, you might have to replace the affected area altogether.

The repair or replacement should blend seamlessly with the surrounding material to maintain the playground's safety. Any bumps or sudden edges could cause children to trip while running around the area, so be thorough!

Discount Playground Supply makes it easy to keep your playscape well-kept and safe. With our pour-in-place rubber surfacing kit, you will have everything you need to maintain your pour-in playground rubber.