Noteworthy Benefits of Community Playgrounds

Noteworthy Benefits of Community Playgrounds

Sep 26th 2019

Noteworthy Benefits of Community Playgrounds

For many years, playgrounds have been a main source of entertainment for children. They’re an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors while simultaneously spending time with those close to you. However, there are many other benefits of community playgrounds, and we list some of the ones that we find most important. Hopefully, after reading you’ll feel motivated to either visit your community’s park or start bringing one to fruition—read on for more!

Connects the Community

A significant benefit of local playgrounds is that they connect the community. Without playgrounds, you run the chance of not seeing many of the people that live around you. As such, it’s challenging to meet people and build relationships that could positively impact your life. A lot of homeowners find that a playground is a top amenity, and people tend to move to neighborhoods that have one over places that do not. People who live in areas close to parks and playgrounds often engage in more social activities because it increases their sense of belonging. All these aspects play a large role in connecting and reuniting the community.

Promote Physical Activity

Playgrounds encourage children to focus on physical activity. Actions such as climbing, jumping, and running increase cardiovascular health, which is incredibly important in younger children. A lot of playgrounds also help improve children’s balance, hand/eye coordination, and agility. In the past, we also discussed how important playgrounds are to those with various disabilities—for example, Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, in general, they help a lot of children improve their physical functioning in daily life. Further, playgrounds help fight America’s obesity epidemic, as they encourage exercise and increased play.

Reduce Rates of Violent Crime

This is a benefit that few people equate with parks; however, community playgrounds may reduce the rates of violence and property crime in a neighborhood. This is especially important in urban areas where there isn’t a lot of greenery. In fact, a study from Clemson and North Carolina State showcased how parks and playgrounds provide children and teens with a physical and emotional outlet. This safe escape plays an important role in reducing these crimes—when parks and courts are open later, there’s a reduction in youth crime rates.

Good for the Local Economy

Public parks and playgrounds are great for your local economy. Recreational amenities like these can increase the property values of surrounding residential homes by 20 percent. This is because, as we mentioned above, playgrounds not only connect citizens but bring more people into the community. Families are more likely to move into a neighborhood where children are safe to explore their surroundings, and playgrounds are an important incentive to that.

Teaches Children Social Skills

Not only are playgrounds great for improving the physicality of a child’s life, but they do wonders for improving children’s social skills. When children are having fun on the playground, they’re growing and developing certain skills that other activities may never influence. Creativity runs rampant on playgrounds—as children step away from electronics and any stress at home, they and their peers can enjoy the outdoors and explore in a fun, creative way. Plus, many kids find their childhood friends at the park. This provides a sense of belonging, which is undeniably important for youth. Here are a few of the different social skills children can learn on playgrounds:

  • How to share
  • How to play cooperatively
  • How to collaborate as a group
  • How to tolerate differences

Allows for Adult Social Interaction

In a world where people admire those with a busy lifestyle, parents with young children don’t have much time to relax or meet other families. Thankfully, community playgrounds offer a space for families to gather and spend time with one another. The need for social and mental fulfillment is vital to living a well-rounded lifestyle. As such, adults can enjoy the benefits of a playground just as much as the children. Fulfilling adult friendships can be hard to find, but with playgrounds, this becomes much easier and a lot less farfetched.

Community Event Venue

Community playgrounds and parks turn into an event venue that’s accessible to everyone and are oftentimes free. For many people, birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and general gatherings aren’t possible for various reasons. But parks and playgrounds offer a place for people to host events they may not have been able to otherwise. If it’s more of an adult party, but kids are welcome, playgrounds offer a place for the kids to entertain themselves as the adults converse together. Apart from that, playgrounds and parks also offer the opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy time outside. From free concerts to seasonal festivals, there are tons of ways to plan events at the park.

Foster Inclusivity

We love the fact that playgrounds foster inclusivity. For a playground to fully serve the community, it has to consider individuals with all different levels of abilities. Playgrounds should help children and families learn to play and grow together no matter what. As such, more and more parks and playgrounds understand that simple accessibility is no longer enough. There has to be something for every person in every lifestyle, in every physical capability.

Increase General Happiness

Finally, playgrounds increase the general happiness of an individual, family, and community. Think about it—the more children you see enjoying a playground, the quicker a smile comes to your face. The more people you see enjoying a park or a playground, the more you feel the urge to go out and experience it as well. Playgrounds foster a positive environment for kids and adults. Inclusion, physical activity, and fresh air are all components of general happiness, and playgrounds offer that every day.

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