Outdoor Activities You Can Play This Summer

Outdoor Activities You Can Play This Summer

Jun 5th 2020

Outdoor Activities You Can Play This Summer

You may be at home more than you thought you’d be this summer. Your kids, especially, may be at home more than you thought this summer. A lot of the typical summer activities aren’t available, and that leaves more time at home. So what to do with all that extra time? The family should still try to spend time outside, even if it’s just in the backyard. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite outdoor activities you can play at home this summer all with your playset, your pool, or some of the products we offer on this site. Take a look, and see how creative you can get!

Four Square

Chalk games are a great way to get the kids outside and playing. Four Square is a game that works for even some of your younger children, allowing them to improve their hand-eye coordination and delve into the fun world of competition. If the kids are old enough, you could even start a Four Square tournament for hours of family fun!

Gaga Ball

If you haven’t heard of Gaga Ball, you’re missing out! The kids might know of this if they had a pit at their school, but you can easily set one up in your backyard. Take a look at our guide to the game, and then let the kids play. You could even join them for a game or two and learn first-hand what’s so excited about the game.

Flashlight Limbo

If you don’t have much space in the backyard, then flashlight limbo is the game for your family. For those times when the weather’s too nice for a movie night indoors, head outside and play some flashlight games. Flashlight limbo, in particular, is a simple outdoor activity you can play at home this summer. All you need to do is grab a flashlight and use its light as the pole. If you break the stream of light, then you’re out.


The opposite of hide-and-seek, sardines is where one person is designated to hide while the others count. It’s a fun game to play as a family—and perfect to keep the kids distracted while you work—and it’s even possible to play with some neighbor kids. If one of the searchers finds the hidden person, they join them. The last person to find the group loses.


When there’s a pool in the backyard, then this game has to be on your list. The one person who is “it” gets out of the pool. Everyone else secretly decides upon their colors, and once decided, the “it” person turns their back to the water and names colors—if a person’s color is called, they have to get to the other side of the pool without being tagged. There are some other challenges you can add to make it more exciting for older children, but the game is a great pool option.

The Floor Is Lava

As a long-time favorite of children of every generation, “The Floor is Lava” is the perfect game to play with your backyard playset. The kids can use all the different components of the playset—the swings, the slides, the climbing wall—but if they touch the ground, they’re out. As the kids try to get from point A to point B, the game depends upon creativity and flexible movement!

For all your backyard play needs, turn to Discount Playground Supply. We have Gaga ball pits, playsets, and plenty of other supplies to make your space a place of fun. Enjoy the summer when you partner with us!